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Whether you’re keeping a tradition going or looking to mix things up, our selection of Advent calendars is sure to delight! Find classic and reusable calendars or advent calendars filled with mini Funko Pop! figures. Grab a cloth Santa with pockets full of daily gifts, or a LEGO advent calendar that builds a tiny Christmas scene. In our selection, you’ll find the advent calendar that’s right for you and yours this Christmas season!
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The Nightmare Before Christmas 13 Days Funko Advent Calendar
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LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
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Harry Potter Puzzles Advent Calendar
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Christmas Vacation Countdown Calendar
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Star Wars Advent Calender
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9.5" Mickey & Friends Advent Calendar-update
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Advent Calendar: FNAF Blacklight
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Barbie Advent Calendar
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60303 LEGO City Advent Calendar
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The Grinch Advent Calendar
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Products 1 - 32 of 32

Christmas may be the holiday with the most recognizable traditions. From decorating an evergreen tree to hanging stockings and reading the poem A Visit from St. Nicholas before settling in for a long winter’s nap, there’s a bit of magic for anyone celebrating. Whether you celebrate with the commercial glitz and glam that made the holiday what it is today or subscribe to a more traditional or religious celebration, you’ve probably heard of Advent and the accompanying practices.

The most well known of these practices might just be keeping an Advent calendar. Starting on the first day of December, the traditional calendars function as a countdown to Christmas Eve and Jesus’s birth. Classic Advent calendars feature nativity scenes or images of Saint Nicholas with accompanying symbols that are synonymous with both. But, as Christmas celebrations changed with the times and revelers’ interests, so too did Advent calendars.

When you’re shopping for a calendar, you’ll find everything from nativity scenes hidden behind paper doors to sweets hidden in tiny cubbies decorated with pop culture characters. So, while the tradition has clearly adapted with the population celebrating Christmas, it is still alive and well! Which is why you’ll find our selection of Advent calendars is ready to meet the needs of your Christmas and Advent season!

Looking for a traditional Advent calendar option? Mixed among our collection of pop culture calendars, you’ll find several that offer a classic scene or familiar style! Hide your own treats in any of our re-usable calendars that feature small drawers perfect for candies, charms, or other mini gifts. Or pick up a cloth calendar that offers pint-sized pockets for seasonal notes, devotions, or simple and sweet holiday wishes!

Maybe you’re looking for an Advent calendar that relates to a favorite interest. If that’s the case, you’ll find different Disney, Lego, and Funko brand calendars in our selection! Grab a re-usable fabric calendar featuring a well-known character. Or pick a single-use calendar that reveals a mini Pop! figure or Lego piece behind each door. Either way, these calendars are the gift that keeps on giving!

Among our selection of Advent calendars, we also have options that mix things up a little bit more! You’ll find a Santa Claus that simply marks the day, leaving gift-giving for Christmas morning or a Christmas tree to decorate 1 piece at a time!

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, there are plenty of standing traditions to observe and even more room to create something new. But, if you’re looking for somewhere to start (or continue), you’ll find an Advent calendar that’s sure to delight when you shop with us!