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Who says stuffed animals are just for kids? After all, we could all use a huggable friend and stuffed animals are perfect for that! We've got ones to fit your favorite fandom, cute as a button buddies for your room, and plush that could really go anywhere. Because you're an adult, if you want to use a plush animal as a throw pillow instead, no one is stopping you.
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Rick and Morty 12" Snowball Plush w/ sound
Clearance  - 57%
Luigi 15" Plush
Sale - 17%

Luigi 15" Plush

Funko Plush: Coke- Coca-Cola Can
Sale - 20%
Bob Ross with Peapod Phunny Plush
Sale - 23%
Funko Plush Mickey Mouse 4 Donald Duck-1
Sale - 14%
Star Trek Uhura Finger Puppet and Refrigerator Magnet
Clearance  - 44%
Funko Plush Mickey Mouse S1 4 Inch Goofy
Sale - 14%
Nintendo Princess Zelda Puppet Main UPD
Clearance  - 41%
Products 1 - 60 of 136

Food Stuffed Animals 

Everyone loves food, so it's safe to assume you'll also love our selection of food stuffed animals. Find your favorite snack or dish in our plush selection and then find the perfect spot for them in your home! Tacos are no longer a favorite just in the kitchen, now you can have a huggable version on your couch, bed, bean bag, or wherever you lounge. 

You're Never Too Old

As kids, we all couldn't wait to get to older, but now that we're here we're being told that we can't have stuffed animals? Well, don't let others stop you from having that huggable friend. You do you and fill your house with plush if you want, we have some options if you choose to do so.