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When the average pair of socks just won't do, that's when it's time for some thigh-high socks! There's something for everyone here. Whether you need a pair of sexy stockings to top off your cosplay outfit, or you just need a pair of nerdy superhero socks, you'll love our selection. We even have some spooky thigh-high socks that will have you looking fabulous in your next Halloween costume.
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Folks either love them or they hate them. Socks. Are they prisons for your happy toes or are they delightful decoration for your digits? They can make for some pretty amazing accessories that augment your look to the next level... or they can just be hidden under your slacks and shoes so that they never see the light of day or help to paint the town red.

Well, we have a few ways to make sure that you folks that can't stand your socks might enjoy them for once. And, for those of you already on the sock-loving train, well, it's time for gift-giving. And, sometimes, that means it is time to treat yourself to a well-deserved present, too. 

We're not just talking about regular socks. We're talking about full length, thigh-high wonders that will make your smile just about as tall as the socks you're wearing. Now, somewhere in the 1590s, folks decided that knitting cotton, linen, wool, or even silk would be a good way to not only get their feet feeling more cozy, but to give them just a bit more style, too. As the years went by, we'd see some nylon stockings send European blokes into a frenzy. (Those long socks certainly had a way of making a pair of legs look like they went on for days!) And, just think of all the glory that kiddos had at holiday time. They originally were forced to use little ankle-length footies that could barely contain a chocolate bar. Suddenly, they had thigh-high stockings that could contain their every delight! 

With our selections of thigh-high socks, you'll be able to live out all of these great moments while offering up some serious costumed comfort, too! Do you have a superhero look that you want to soar in but don't want to deal with that whole underwear on the outside thing? Tights aren't quite your thing? Well, a pair of thigh-high socks with the right style can match your cape and have you leaping tall buildings without your movement being restrained! Is the Halloween season sending chills down your spine? Well, not only can you wear a pair of spooky socks to make the most of the holiday, but a pair of thigh-high cotton stockings will keep you warm even while the temperature starts to plummet. (No need for your knees to shake together like a skeleton's bones when you can be cozy and still look startling!) From Batman to Deadpool, Jack Skellington and Christmas candy, we've got you covered (literally).

With everything from signature character looks to elegant detail, our thigh-high socks can be the perfect way to augment any style you're going for. Browse through our collection and find your favorite. Then, you can get right to dancing, prancing, and stalking the night away with a stellar pair that match your shoes. (Some of them will even make those thigh-high boots feel quite a bit more comfortable, too! Just make sure that the details at the top can still peak out and let folks know just how stylish you are.)