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It's the classic dream, right? Everyone wants a taste of what it's like to be Superman ever since he hit the comic books back in the 1930s. With our selection of Superman costumes, you can become the iconic superhero. With costume sizes for both adults and kids, it's easy to transform into your favorite DC superhero.
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Who can forget seeing Superman for the first time? After all, it's probably the first time that you ever get to see a man fly through the air like a jet plane. Once you see that as a kid, it sort of becomes a fixation. It makes you want to discover your own superpowers, so you can soar through the skies like a Kryptonian superhero. Of course, most of us learn pretty quickly that we just don't have the amazing powers of the DC superhero... but that doesn't stop us from imagining what it would be like to be the daring hero.

Of course, we get a small taste of it from the comic books and the movies. Feature films like the Man of Steel give us a cinematic glimpse of the hero's life and nothing gets the blood pumping like watching Supes fight an army of bad guys in the latest Justice League cartoon! But, some of us crave more of The Last Son of Krypton! Some of us still want to be Superman...

Well, through the power of cosplay and our Superman costumes, you can finally get that chance! We have a large selection of outfits based on the legendary superhero, so you can assume the role of the powerhouse character by slipping into one of our officially licensed costumes.

We carry the classic Superman costumes for the traditionalists out there. That means you can look just like the Man of Steel from his original appearance in the 1938 edition of Action Comics. If you're more of a modern fan, you can also find Justice League style costumes from his contemporary appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe, inspired by Zack Snyder. They come complete with armored details and faux muscles, so you can feel fit enough to take on Doomsday himself!

We didn't forget the kiddos! While we have plenty of adult costumes, both plus and regular sizes, our selection of Superman costumes for kids really does strive to be a mark above the rest. We have sizes for infants and toddlers, for the young hero-in-training in your life. We also have standard child sizes and even styles for teens. That means no matter what your size or age, you can get the full Superman experience when you wear one of our outfits.

Not into wearing a full super suit? Not a huge fan of spandex? Well, you can still feel like a hero with a couple of our Superman accessories. With quick and easy items like capes, Clark Kent glasses, superhero t-shirts, crime-fighting boots, and complete dress up kits, you can tailor your own Superman cosplay experience to suit your needs. Just pick and choose the pieces you need and add your own creative twists!

So, if you've ever dreamed of becoming Superman or you just want to cosplay as the revolutionary character from DC Comics, then it might just be time to try out one of our Superman costumes. Just remember that unless you have some Kryptonian blood running through you, it's still not a good idea to pick a fight with Lex Luthor while wearing any of our Superman gear.

Superman Halloween Costumes

Nobody is perfect. Nobody except Superman, that is. He would never admit it, as he is a humble dude. No disrespect to characters like Iron Man or Naruto, but Superman is the original superhero. If you need DC Costumes to become the Man of Steel, super-speed your way into a Superman Halloween Costume.

In 1938, Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 and has defined what it means to be a superhero ever since. If you're the type to collect DC Comics merch and need a Halloween ensemble that stands for truth, justice, and the American way, check out an officially licensed Superman Halloween Costume.

Superman Costumes for Adults

Superman Costume for Adults

With great power comes great responsibility. No, we're not talking about Spider-Man. Just think how responsible Clark Kent must be for being as powerful as he is. Luckily, you don't need to be half that reliable to wear a Superman Costume for Adults. If you really want to take your adult costume to the next level, put it underneath a suit and bust it out at the perfect time. Or pair your Superman Costume for Adults with a friend’s Hulk costume and finally see who’s mightiest!

Superman Costumes for Kids

Superman Costume for Kids

Clark isn't just a Superman but a Superkid. He had some time-travel shenanigans with the Legion of Superheroes as a teen, but that's not what we're referring to. Clark was a normal kid who did chores, liked to play sports and games, and did well in school. Check out our Superman Costume for Kids if you want a positively influenced kid's costume. You have already gotten them a boatload of DC Comics toys, so you might as well get them a costume while at it.

Toddler Superman Costumes

Toddler Superman Costume

Early depictions of Superman show him using his powers as a toddler. Can you imagine trying to get a young Clark Kent to eat his vegetables or him watching The Incredibles for the hundredth time? Retcons later changed him to getting powers as a teen, but we don't know if that's any better. Luckily, you only have to worry about getting your child into a toddler costume, like our Toddler Superman Costume. They may like the bright colors versus a Batman Costume.

Superman Dog Costumes

Superman Dog Costume

Do you love DC? Are you the person who has wall-to-wall DC Comics home and office décor? If so, we think we have some pet costumes that will be right up your alley, specifically our Superman Dog Costume. It's a great way to show some love to Supes while getting some neat pet accessories for your dog. Pair it with a Superman costume, and you're all lined up for the next comic book convention if you want to cosplay as Superman and Krypto the Superdog.

Superman Shirt Costumes

As lovely as superpowers may be, sometimes even Superman needs a break. After a long day of saving the world, sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The "S" on Superman's chest is so iconic that he'll never get a break if he leaves it on. In the comics, even a depowered Superman wore his iconic house crest. If you want DC Comics apparel that is a chill version of his classic look, check out a Superman Shirt Costume. It even comes with a cape!

Clark Kent Costumes

Clark is technically an alien, but we aren't talking Star Wars here. We all know the story. A scientist and his wife send their son from the doomed planet Krypton to give him a chance at a better life on Earth. He lands in Smallville, Kansas, on Jonathan and Martha Kent's farm, and they raised him to be an outstanding citizen. Clark then grows up to be a fantastic reporter and hero. If you're a fan of the guy who puts the "man" in Superman, grab this Clark Kent Costume.

Superman Accessories

When you're faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound, you don't need weapons like Wonder Woman or Thor to save the day. Nope, he just needs a pair of glasses and a tie to change into, and maybe a photo booth, if those still exist.

Clark has the brain and brawn to handle his stuff, but you might need a bit more to pull off your Superman Halloween Costume like a pair of fresh boots or a wig to get that perfect spit curl. We have all the Superman Accessories you'll need to effortlessly become The Last Son of Krypton.