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Suitmeister suits are a great way to make an event more fun. The closest thing to showing up with literal bells on, wearing a Suitmeister Christmas suit to a family or work party is a serious show of holly jolly. For instance, nothing says Suitmeister Santa like the fabulous red suit! Just bring your bag of tricks and you're sure to sleigh. Whether you're celebrating Patty's Day, a trip to Vegas, or the 4th, Suitmeister is always a fun way to go!
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Suitmeister Silver Sequins Blazer
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Suitmeister Mens Solid Yellow Suit
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Suitmeister Solid Green
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Men's OppoSuits Basic Pimp Tiger Suit
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Products 1 - 11 of 11

The suit has a long history in men’s fashion. For over the last 400 years, men have been wearing some kind of iteration of the suit, which is a coat with matching pants and sometimes a waistcoat. Of course, suits from the 1700s tend to look a little stuffy (just look at a portrait of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson for proof of that). Of course, suits have changed throughout the centuries and for the good of mankind. No one really wants to wear frock coats and powdered wigs these days, no do they?

The modern age brought with it many new fashions to incorporate into the suit. There early suits of the 1900s which had more buttons on them than an Xbox controller. It slowly evolved into the 1920s and 1930s which brought us some rather contemporary styles. Then, the zoot suit came around, showing us a rather strange baggy look that was popular amongst musicians of the time. Give it to musicians to be the trendsetters of the day! Things got a little out of control in the 70s and 80s, where colorful leisure suits became the norm. And then there was David Bowie, who liked to wear some of the wildest patterned suits around! There was also that disaster that was known as the suits of the 1990s, but we try to forget about that decade when it comes to men’s suits. Here is where we get the beginnings of what a Suitmeister suit is all about.

Yes, these incredible Suitmeister suits combine the wild and rebellious nature of guys like David Bowie with the cut of a modern day suit. You won’t find your grandpa’s suit here (unless Mr. Bowie is your grandpa). You will, however, be able to find a suit that perfectly expresses your inner spirit—something far more colorful than just a boring old black suit or a drab grey suit that tells everyone you work a dead end 9 to 5.

We carry a style of Suitmeister suit for just about any occasion, from Halloween to Christmas. If you’re looking to head to an exclusive Las Vegas excursion, then try wearing something like our Vegas suit, or perhaps our Pink suit. If the winter weather has you feeling some snowy blues, then try pepping up with our Christmas Tree suit or our Snowman suit. Maybe you’re feeling a little devious and want to spice up your Halloween wardrobe. Then give our bloody suit a whirl, or maybe you could even don our Jack-o-Lantern pattern Suitmeist suit. Or maybe you’d just like a suit to complement your intense swagger? Just check out our Purple Pimp Tiger suit, which has swagger like Mick Jagger. What about the Fourth of July? Well, we have a U.S. Flag themed suit that will make you feel like heading off to the barbecue.

We carry suits for adult men, or men who haven’t surrendered to the mundanities of adulthood. Just make sure that you have the attitude to match whichever suit you pick out, since these Suitmeister items are only for those with a bold mind!