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Enter the galaxy far, far away with our Star Wars toys! We have action figures based on your favorite characters, like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and more. We also have plenty of Star Wars models, board games, and collectible Star Wars toys from each of the Star Wars movies.
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Ahsoka Lightsaber Accessory
Star Wars Han Solo Blaster
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Darth Vader Red Lightsaber
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Products 1 - 12 of 12

New Star Wars Toys

When it comes to finding the right toy, people often have to debate which genre is right for them. Maybe they want to play with fantasy toys, so they can feel like they are controlling the extraordinary powers of the cosmos. Some are more interested in science fiction fun. Who can blame them for wanting to ignite their engines and take off into space beyond the speed of light? Others want something sinister so they can feel a little scared by the monsters that dwell in the darkness of horror. Still others just want to enjoy a little running around while they pelt their friends with Nerf darts and laser blasts! 

If only there was a way to combine all of those amazing genres of fun together. Well, all you need to do is trust in the Force and you'll be guided to the answer. That's right: Star Wars toys! Where else can you find space wizards, undead emperors, hyperspace vehicles, and ancient prophecies that speak of the balance between Light and Darkness!? Plus, there are lightsabers. We don't care which genre you're in, those things make everything better!

With our variety of Star Wars toys, you can bring your favorite moments from a galaxy far, far away to life. Delight in the presence of the Death Star when it creates a planetarium effect instead of destroying planets. Illuminate your life with tons of different colors and styles of lightsabers. Are you a fan of the purple lightsaber of Mace Windu, the vented broad lightsaber of Kylo Ren, or are you ready to be the first to wield Rey's staff alongside the Sentinel saber she creates as her own!? 

Perhaps you need a little help deciding. Well, we're happy to offer a bunch of Star Wars droid toys that are eager to guide you. If you can't immediately understand the blips and boops, have no fear. We also carry dozens of models, puzzles, and LEGO playsets that will help you get right into the nuts and bolts of Star Wars fun. 

If you're looking to make your game night pop, not only can you grab some of our epic Star Wars board games, but you can bring some of the cutest Star Wars Funko figures along for the fun. Let the winner wear a toy Darth Vader helmet or even hold the privilege of holding Baby Yoda during your next marathon of Star Wars movies! Whether you love the films or the series best, we have the toys that will help you prove which is the best of all!

At, we do Star Wars right. While there is a long history of Star Wars toys, we have amassed the latest and greatest in the Star Wars toy universe. We have the newest lines of Hasbro action figures, cute plushie dolls, adorable bobbleheads, Pop! vinyl figurines, and even the Black Series collection that'll have your fellow collectors drooling with jealousy. Whatever kind of Star Wars toy or game you're looking for, we've got you covered!