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Star Wars The Mandalorian Gifts

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Products 1 - 3 of 3

The Mandalorian Merchandise

For Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian is the gift that keeps on giving. The streaming series burst onto the scene in November of 2019. The first live-action television series for the Star Wars franchise, fans were immediately hooked. Mostly because of the introduction of one surprising character at the end of the debut episode. Because the cute face of Baby Yoda totally stole the show from the titular character! Ever since, "Mando" Din Djarin and "The Child" Grogu have been hopping around the Outer Rim Territories on serialized adventures. And the smash hit show has won the praise of fans and critics alike!

With the spin-off series expanding the reach of The Mandalorian, it's safe to say we're going to be celebrating the Disney Plus series for a long time to come. Which means right now is the best time to get some The Mandalorian merchandise and swag! We're fully stocked on the latest offerings of Mandalorian toys as well as plenty of Mandalorian apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Which, yes, mean we have lots of Baby Yoda gifts and gear, too! With all of the awesome gift options we have for sale, we thought it'd be a great idea to do a run-down on our Mando merch to help you out with your shopping. So, if you're looking for a little more info before you place an order or just want to know everything there is to know about The Mandalorian merchandise, we've got you covered. Just keep on reading for a major data download!

Mandalorian Toys

The Star Wars franchise has perhaps the most product tie-ins of all time. At it is famously notorious for! But as was the case starting after the first movie debuted in 1977, Star Wars toys remain the most popular and highly desired merchandise from the series. The Mandalorian wasn't about to buck this trend, of course, and we have the latest and great Star Wars toys available from the new hit series. We've got some of the top Mandalorian toys from Hasbro, and yes, that certainly includes Baby Yoda toys! Check out these top sellers to see if any of these them are just what you're shopping for.

The Mandalorian Toys

Mandalorian Toys

There are lots of great options when it comes to toys from The Mandalorian. But the most popular toys from the series are updated versions of the Star Wars toys that have been top sellers for years. Action figures, lightsabers, and yup, collectible toy plushies! Hasbro electronic lightsabers have been a massive hit with kids for years. Children love the toys for roleplaying as their favorite Jedi for incredible backyard battles. And now, with the Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber, they can imagine themselves as Mando or Bo-Katan Kryze wielding the legendary weapon. With built-in sound and light effects, your kiddo is going to love playing the part of a real Mandalorian!

Grogu fans will be happy to know we've got some super cool Baby Yoda toys from the show, as well. A posable 6.5-inch Baby Yoda action figure will look great posed on any fan's desk or on display in an epic Star Wars collection. We've got huggable Grogus, too, with super cool The Child plush toys. Our 7.5-inch Baby Yoda Plush Doll features electronic sound effects and even comes with a frog accessory and a soup bowl to recreate your favorite Baby Yoda moments. Action figure fans will be happy to know that we've got the best Din Djarin action figure available right here at FUN. The Black Series Mandalorian Action Figure is one of the newest figures from the long-running action figure series! (More on this figure below.)

The Child Baby Yoda Plush

Baby Yoda Plush

Any fans looking for a huggable Baby Yoda will be excited to learn that we've got an 11-inch The Child Plush Doll. That's close to a life-size representation of the diminutive Grogu, and you'll love that the details on this plush doll are super realistic. The plush doll features a soft, bean-filled body, a fabric robe, and a molded head. With its cute face and big, black eyes, we're sure you're going to love taking lots of postable pics with this cuddly little Baby Yoda!

Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Figure

Mandalorian Black Series Figure

Fans who collect Star Wars action figures know what's up. In that Hasbro's Star Wars The Black Series represents the ultimate in collectible action figures! Din Djarin has now been added to the ranks of 6-inch Black Series figures with this Mandalorian Action Figure. The highly posable figure features super-detailed craftsmanship and paint. Packaged in a signature window display box, it makes a perfect gift for serious collectors!

Baby Yoda Gifts

Shopping for a Baby Yoda super fan? That's not a surprise, since little Grogu has become a veritable pop-culture sensation. And, of course, that means it's not very hard to find Baby Yoda official merchandise. There's been plenty to choose from since the show launched, and we're happy to have curated some of the best items featuring The Child. Check out some of these top options to see if any of them are just what the Grogumanaic you know needs to have in their collection!

Baby Yoda Gift Ideas

Baby Yoda Gifts

When you're searching for cool Baby Yoda stuff, one of the best places to start is Mandalorian clothing and accessories. Because the little green guy is found on lots and lots of cool clothes! Prominently printed on Mandalorian t-shirts, boxers, and socks, fans love wearing these fashionable apparel pieces to show off their love of the show. And we've got plenty of the best Baby Yoda apparel to outfit fans with the latest gear!

A Baby Yoda sleepwear set for toddlers can get any little one looking as cute as Grogu himself. If you're shopping Mandalorian gifts for him, you could look at a Baby Yoda hat or a pair of Baby Yoda boxers to outfit a guy who can't get enough of The Child. We have great options for Mandalorian accessories to pair with all of that awesome apparel, too. If you're shopping for teens and young adults, we've got the coolest Baby Yoda backpacks found on the internet. With choices from brands like Loungefly, they make great gifts for back to school or for any season. We've got Baby Yoda gear for women, as well, like the standout The Child Handbag or a too-cute Baby Yoda wallet.

You'll be able to take your geek chic style to a new level—Grogu chic! We've got lots of Baby Yoda toys (as we've mentioned above), but we've got cool Grogu electronics for kids, too. A Bluetooth Baby Yoda speaker might help your kiddo jam out to their favorite tunes, or they could grab Baby Yoda headphones to party like Grogu when they're on the go! We've even got collectors covered with great Mandalorian merchandise that features the cute character. A Mandalorian The Child Statue or Baby Yoda print artwork is sure to look great on display!

Exclusive Baby Yoda Shoes

Baby Yoda Shoes

Sneakerheads who stream The Mandalorian will definitely want to take a look at one of our newest exclusives. Because we were totally stoked to launch these exclusive Baby Yoda shoes in 2021! These fresh kicks feature a classic high-top sneaker design, and they've got an epic all-over print of Grogu. The best part of all, the tongue of each shoe features a Baby Yoda head, complete with his wide ears hanging to the sides! It's either incredibly adorable or intensely cool, depending on your sneaker sensibilities. But one thing's for sure. You'll need to have these Baby Yoda kicks in your shoe collection!

Baby Yoda Backpack

Baby Yoda Backpack

For The Child fans who are always on the go, there's one accessory that you need to make sure you bring along with you wherever you go. A Baby Yoda backpack to bring along your favorite gear! Just like Mando never lets The Child out of his sight, you can always keep this Plush Child Backpack in eyeshot. And fully stocked with bounty hunting essentials! With your gear stashed in this sweet backpack, you'll always be ready to drop in on a new planet for an adventure of the week. (Or, you know, just head off to class or hop over to your bud's house!)

Mandalorian Gifts

So, Baby Yoda might have rocketed to the top of the popularity charts, but that doesn't mean there aren't many other characters that fans love on the show. As in Mando himself. And, of course, supporting characters like Cara Dune, IG-11, and Bo-Katan Kryze. And even villains like Moff Gideon! If you're searching for Mandalorian gift ideas, we've got lots of great gear that features everyone's favorite hunter, Din Djarin. And we've got collectibles for the other top characters from the show, too. Check out some of these top gift options to see if we've got an item that will be the perfect choice.

The Mandalorian Gifts

Mandalorian Merch

Mandalorians have always lived in Star Wars lore thanks to Boba Fett's role in the original Star Wars series and Jango Fett's appearance in Attack of the Clones. The Clone Wars animated series gave us a ton of insight into the mysterious Mandalorian culture, and thanks to The Mandalorian, we finally have a Mando leading a show. And we think that's something worth celebrating! Whether you think Din's the man or are shopping for someone who does, we've got plenty of great gift options to celebrate this pop culture fandom.

Collectibles have ruled the Star Wars merchandise scene for years, so that's a great place to start your shopping. As we've got some great options that feature our favorite character! Mandalorian statues will look great posed on a desk, shelf, or right by the TV. And we have a choice piece with our Diamond Comics Premier Collection Mandalorian Statue. Molded and decorated with fantastic attention to detail, it will look simply awesome setup in just the right spot! Collectors love snagging Funko Pop! figures as another displayable option. You can be sure we always have the latest Funko figures right here, including Pop! scenes and Deluxe Pops, like the Mandalorian and Child on Bantha Pop! Vinyl.

We've got lots of Star Wars items for the kitchen, too. And for a cool collectible that doubles as a favorite mug, just get the Mandalorian Geeki Tiki. If collectibles aren't quite what you're searching for, you can get a surefire favorite item by looking at our Mandalorian accessories. A baseball cap, pair of boxers, or a backpack that features Mando are sure to be an item that any fan will love!

Mandalorian Clothing

Mandalorian Clothing

Most fans agree that slipping into Star Wars apparel is the easiest and one of the most fun ways to show off your fandom. And we've got lots of shirts and apparel from The Mandalorian to make that happen! T-shirts are a staple selection of any fan's wardrobe, so a shirt like this Mandalorian Red T-Shirt is a great look to build an outfit around. Disney officially licensed, it's got instantly iconic graphic artwork, with a franchise logo and silhouettes of Mando and Baby Yoda featured on the front. Black jeans, a black ball cap, and a pair of black Chucks make this getup an instant classic!

Mandalorian Pop! Vinyl Figures

Mandalorian Funko Pops

Vinyl figures from Funko's Pop! series are always popular collectibles with fans. And we've got all of their Mandalorian Pop! figures available right here at FUN! You'll want to start your collection with 3 of the heroes of the show's first season. Mando obviously needs a spot in your collection, and the iconic Mandalorian Bobblehead will look great posed in your display. We'll want to get him some backup, too. So, you'll want to grab a Pop! of Cara Dune, and probably Kuliil, too! We're sure you'll want to get some of the Baby Yoda Pops that feature Grogu in various poses and scenarios, too, so be sure to shop the entire collection to pick up all the new figures!