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Spidey is always on the go! One second he's headed to class and the next he's stopping the Green Goblin in a daring battle above New York City. It's safe to say that he probably carries a good backpack! Now, with our selection of Spider-Man backpacks, you can be prepared like your favorite Marvel superhero. We have plenty of styles suited to any fan of Spider-Man.
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Spider Man 17 Inch Plush Backpack
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Products 1 - 10 of 10

Good ol' Spider-Man! The friendly neighborhood superhero has been swinging through the streets and fighting bad guys ever since 1962. He taught us that with great power comes great responsibility. Well, perhaps a little more correctly, Uncle Ben taught us that important lesson right alongside Peter Parker! We connected with him during his struggle of trying to juggle daily life with being a superhero. We even got to watch him transform from a timid high-schooler, to cool college kid, and we even stuck with him as he turned into a family man. Of course, then we also got to see other Spider-Heroes, and now, we even have Miles Morales, who's carrying on the torch of Spider-Man in the comics and in the movie universes! Yep, we grew up with Spider-Man… and oddly, it's almost like we carry him with us every day. Well… now, you CAN carry a part of him with you every day (and not just metaphorically) when you use one of our Spider-Man Backpacks!

We totally love Spider-Man, and that's why we have a great variety of Spider-Man bags for you to choose from. Most of them are a classic backpack style, so you can sling them around your back and head off to class. They're perfect for impromptu web-slinging too!

School backpacks aren't the only kind of Spidey backpacks that we carry. We also have a great selection of Spider-Man backpacks for women who want to ditch the old-fashioned purse. These are the kinds of bags designed for the Spider-Man fan on the go, who needs a mini-backpack that will fit all the daily necessities inside. With styles from Loungefly, these sorts of bags are an easy choice! We even have bags that feature classic designs that come straight from the original Stan Lee comic books from the 1960s!

Finally, if you're looking for something that's more fun than functional, then you might want to give one of our plush Spider-Man backpacks a try. These types of backpacks are shaped like Spidey, so they're the perfect bag for young fans that might not be ready for school just yet! You can use them like a toy, or store a few tiny things inside.

If you're someone who carries Spider-Man's stories with them each and every day, or if you just have a little Spider-Man fan on your hands, then our selection of Spider-Man backpacks is a great way to share that love of the classic superhero. And be sure to check back. Our stock of Spider-Man bags and backpacks is constantly changing, so you never know what sorts of new treasures you might find in our inventory!