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Do you claim sloths are your spirit animal? Or maybe you just find them absurdly cute? Perhaps a loved one is a mega-sloth fan? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find unique sloth gifts for you and yours! While you’re searching our selection, you’ll find sloth toys and apparel mixed among huggable sloth stuffed animals and décor. Whatever you choose, these sloth gifts are sure to make fans of any age smile!
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Sloth Child Onesie Main
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Adult Cozy Sloth Costume
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Cozy Children's Sloth Costume Main
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Knit Scarf Sleepy Sloth
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Adult Sloth Onesie Costume
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Child Sloth Costume
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Adult Sloth Costume
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Adult Plus Size Cozy Sloth Costume
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Products 1 - 10 of 10

Have you ever wondered what made sloths such a pop culture phenomenon? Us too! It seems like the furry odd-balls went from an encyclopedia entry to rockstar status overnight with little to no explanation other than cuteness. But, instead of just assuming their popularity stems solely from their absurd but charming looks, we did a little research. If the following facts aren’t why sloths have reached icon status, we think they should be!

Sloths are built upside down. Well, not exactly, but their major organs are attached to their ribs so that they can spend the majority of their lives hanging around. Sloths only need to—forgive us—make waste once a week and sometimes just once a month! They have a natural camouflage from algae that grows in their fur. That same algae makes for a tasty snack when they need a nutrient boost too! Most charmingly in our opinion is their lazy nature. A sloths’ laziness is a survival tactic that allows them to live relatively long lives, and if we could say the same about our couch potato tendencies, life would never be the same.

Since you’re here, we assume you agree with our assessment of how awesome sloths are. It’s that, or you know someone else that does, and that means you’re looking for a sloth gift to make that sloth fan grin. So, welcome to our selection of sloth gifts! You’ll find everything from sloth apparel to costumes and toys to collectibles for the sloth fans in your life. Give this quick overview a read for sloth gift ideas and maybe a couple more sloth facts to share!

For the young sloth fans in your life, start with any of our sloth toys! Snuggle a plush toy that is as smiley as a pale-throated sloth. Or help your little one learn preschool basics with an electronic cutie that’s happiest while singing and dancing!

Get ready for some sloth-level lounging with sloth clothing that’s perfect for sleep or a cozy winter day. See if sloths can really move 3 times faster in the water, while you relax on a sloth pool floaty. Keep your favorite tree-dweller with you wherever you go with a sloth bag. Or bring a giant ground sloth back from extinction with a costume that will transform you, head-to-toe, into a huggable three-toed sloth!

Whether you want to play with sloths or just take an 18-hour snooze like one, you’ll find a gift in our selection that can help you and yours live out those dreams. So, give us a look to find the unique sloth gift that’s right for the occasion and enjoy the quirky fun of sloths!

Sloth Merch and Gift Ideas

Hey there, busybody! It's time to slow down and enjoy the charm of our Sloth merchandise. From cuddly sloth gifts to cozy apparel, and unique home goods to adorable kitchen knickknacks, we've got everything to satisfy your sloth-loving heart. Each item captures the relaxed and easygoing spirit of these lovable creatures, making them perfect for anyone who adores the slower pace of life, just like our real-world sloth friends.

Sloth Accessories

Accessorize in sloth style with some of the sloth-themed apparel and sloth accessories we sell. Our collection includes everything from comfy sweaters and quirky t-shirts to cozy scarves and cute knit hats. Each piece is designed to bring a touch of sloth serenity and fun to your wardrobe, perfect for those who want to wear their love for these laid-back creatures!

Sloth Sweaters

Sloth Sweaters

Get into the festive spirit with our Sloth Ugly Christmas Sweater! This funny sweater features a hanging sloth with a winter hat and mistletoe, adding a hilarious twist to your holiday attire. One of our exclusively Made By Us items, it's the perfect way to show off some sloth style and spread some cheerful laughter during the holiday season.

Sloth Crossbody Bags

Sloth Crossbody Bags

You can carry your essentials in a cute, slow-paced style with our Sloth Crossbody Bag. Designed to look like a sloth wrapped around your body, this canvas bag features appliqued details, including a sloth face on the front and claws on the strap. It's not just a bag; this unique carry-all is a fashion statement for sloth enthusiasts around the world!

Sloth Costumes

Embrace your inner sloth with our selection of sloth costumes! Whether you're looking for a furry, funny adult sloth costume, a charming kid sloth costume, or an adorable toddler sloth outfit, we have you covered. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or simply lounging around, these costumes are a fun way to celebrate the leisurely sloth lifestyle.

Sloth Costume Ideas

Sloth Costume Ideas

We have no shortage of great sloth costume ideas that are perfect for bringing out your lazy side! Our collection includes everything from an Ice Age Sid the Sloth Costume to hilarious inflatable sloth outfits. Each one is designed to turn heads and spread smiles, embodying the serene spirit of these dozy creatures.

Adult Sloth Costumes

Our Cozy Adult Sloth Costume is a Made By Us exclusive, featuring a large, funny sloth headpiece that's sure to be a hit at any party. Perfect for those who want to embody the chill vibe of sloths, this costume is all about comfort and fun.

Inflatable Sloth Costumes

Make a hilarious entrance with our Inflatable Sloth Costume! Great for a variety of occasions, this blow-up outfit will have everyone laughing as you embody the true essence of sloth life. It's a fantastic choice for making a memorable impression.

Toddler Sloth Costumes

Transform your little one into the cutest critter with our Toddler Sloth Costume. This cuddly outfit turns your tot into a dozy baby sloth, perfect for Halloween, dress-up play, or photo shoots. It's an adorable way to introduce your child to the animal world.

Sloth Dog costumes

Even your four-legged friend can join in the sloth fun with our Sloth Dog Costume! This funny outfit turns your pet into a lazy sloth, ideal for costume parties or just a fun day out. It's a hilarious way to include your dog in some silly sloth fun!

Sloth Toys

Sloth plush toys are one of the best ways to bring home a furry friend! These soft and cuddly stuffed animals are perfect companions for children and adults alike, offering a lazy little critter to hang out with. These toys truly embody the calm and laid-back nature of real sloths, making them great for cuddles or to show off as a cute décor piece in any room. You will love having one as a delightful reminder of the gentle, slow-paced life of these adorable animals.