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Santa Claus and Christmas Games for Kids

By: FUN Monster

The holidays are about family, food, and fun. Families have their own unique Christmas traditions. They have certain movies they watch, foods they eat, and activities they do together. It's also a great time to play games! Many holiday-themed games don't require a lot of prep work so if cousins or friends come over unexpectedly, it's still possible to have a great time trying new Christmas activities. There are activities that are great for very small kids, some good for older kids, and even games aimed at being played by family members of all ages. Sometimes the holidays can be a little awkward because not all families see each other often. These games are a great way to break the ice and let the holiday cheer begin in a natural, stress-free way that lets the entire family have fun together.

Letter to Santa Template

Ready to write a letter to Santa? Try using this template to make sure Santa knows what to put in his bag.

Basic Addition Math Picture: Santa

Kids answer math problems and use the answers to unlock the color code before coloring Santa's picture.

Christmas Crossword

Crosswords are a fun way to practice problem-solving skills.

Free Printable Christmas Games for Adults and Older Kids {9 Games}

Christmas-themed bingos, word searches, and crossword puzzles make it possible for every family to find a quick game to play in front of the tree!

Gingerbread Dice Game (PDF)

Players roll the dice and then color in the part of the picture that matches the number they rolled.

Free Printable Price is Right Christmas Game

Players test their knowledge of what some common holiday items cost when using this fun printable based on the classic television game show.

Christmas Charades

Baking cookies and building a snowman are two of these festive charade activities.

This Christmas Movie Bingo Game Is the Most Fun Way to Watch Your Holiday Favorites

Who doesn't have a favorite holiday movie? Combine movie with game night when playing Christmas movie bingo!

Christmas Mad Libs Printable

Language lessons are fun with these fun Christmas mad libs!

Christmas Scattergories

Alphabet dice are needed for this game. People who don't have a set can write letters on scraps of paper and put them in a bowl.

Christmas Song Party Game Picture

Players use pictures to recreate lyrics from popular holiday songs.

Christmas Edition Scavenger Hunt

Print out this scavenger hunt list and enjoy hunting for holiday-related items. The first one to find everything on the list wins!

Fun Free Printable Christmas Memory Game

Holiday images are used to test players' memory in this matching game.

Christmas Activities (PDF)

Print this booklet and let little kids enjoy coloring holiday pictures and completing simple holiday-related activities.

Printable Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Questions include what people like better, Christmas movies or holiday songs?

Free Printable Santa's Christmas Word Game

Write a holiday-related word for every letter of the alphabet in this word game!

North Pole Mix-Up Printable Christmas Game

The game can be played as is, or kids who love making up stories can use their imagination to create a backstory for Santa and his elves.

Lego Christmas Puzzles

Make vertical Christmas themed puzzles by printing off pictures of Santa and other holiday images, cutting them up, and taping them to Legos!

Santa Limbo

Just how low can Santa go? Limbo is challenging enough, but here players dress up like Santa and try to limbo under a string of Christmas lights for a holiday twist on a party staple.

Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

Ever played pin the tail on the donkey? This game takes that same idea, just with a holiday theme.

Emoji Christmas Party Games

Emojis are clues in this fun game all about holiday movies.

Don't Eat Pete the Christmas Elf

Each kid gets a turn and their turn doesn't end until they accidentally eat Pete!

Christmas Carol Quiz Game

Players try to match lyrics from popular holiday songs to the correct song title.

Printable Conversation Starter Questions {Christmas}

It's not unusual for kids to struggle with talking to relatives, even if the relatives are other kids they don't see very often. Get the family Christmas party off to a good start by printing off these conversation starters to break the ice.

Elf On The Shelf Hide and Seek

Elf on the Shelf is a beloved activity in many families, and in this fun game, the Elf hides after he leaves three clues as to where he's hiding.

Candy Cane Hunt

The best kind of treasure hunts is when the treasure is a fun treat!