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Queen of Hearts Costumes

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Don’t lose your head trying to pick a Halloween costume. Dress like the royalty you are in a Queen of Hearts costume from our selection! With everything from the queen’s iconic wig to her iconic dress in sizes for children and adults, any lady in waiting can steal the crown in one of our Queen of Hearts Halloween costumes!
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Chances are, when you hear the words Queen of Hearts, you think of one or two things. The stoic woman from playing cards or the fiery one that is all about causing drama in Alice in Wonderland jumps to mind. And whichever it is, we’re here to help bring that character to life for your next Halloween look!

In our selection of Queen of Hearts outfits, you’ll find a look for any royal occasion. Not sure which option is best for your next outing among the people of your kingdom? Stick with us to hear a few ways we’d put these exciting costumes to good use!

Imagine, if you will, receiving a cordial invitation to your neighbor’s cocktail party—fancy dress required! As queen, you can’t disappoint, but a full gown wouldn’t be appropriate. Luckily, here, you’ll find a few shorter options to dress in. Will you choose to wear your hemline mid-thigh or just above the knee? Do you want red ribbon for embellishment, or maybe deep red velvet and lace are more your style? However, you please, we’ve got you covered!

Maybe you’re heading out to trick-or-treat with your little lady in waiting? Get yourself fitted in something flashy but more appropriate for a queen to stroll the neighborhood in. And get your future queen into the royally sweet dress that’s right for them!

Now, if it’s time for a royal ball, you’ll undoubtedly want to wear your best gown. Score a royal flush with our Made By Us elite option! With shimmering gold details, velour fabrics, and the crown to match included, all you’ll need is the red wig or your own hair piled elegantly on top of your head! Of course, that’s not your only option for a hearty ballgown. Got a bit more traditional with a hoop skirt that gives your look even more of an impact. Or choose the gown to match your sweethearts, so both current and future are dressed to impress!

Are you putting together a queenly garment of your own? Polish that gorgeous gown with the Queen of Hearts accessories you’ll find here! Go big with a curly head of red hair. Or go bigger with an oversized wig that hardly needs its attached crown to make a statement! And don’t forget the shoes meant for strutting your stuff and the staff for waving while declaring your presence!

No matter which version of the Queen of Hearts you prefer, our selection is up for the task. But if you’re still not finding what you want, give us just a bit of time. We like having our heads in place, so we’re constantly updating our collection to please your royal majesty!