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Are you looking for an easy accessory that will really make a look flare? Well, the iconic poodle skirt is here! Straight out of 50's style, you will be sock hopping at the ice cream shop and feeling swell as can be. Pick your favorite design to show off your personality or mix and match our 1950s skirts with daily wear for a fun spin on modern couture!
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

We imagine some folks look at a Poodle Skirt and ask, "Why is there a dog there?" Well, did you know that prompting the question was pretty much the point? That's right! The original Poodle Skirt had a trio of doggies on a seamless felt skirt. It was all designed as a quick-to-create Christmas skirt and went wild at the shops. The dogs were flirty, snobby, and the third was a bit of a hound dog! The curious appliques were there to get folks chatting. It was a genuine fashion statement. 

Of course, the design has evolved a bit over time. Simple felt often has more comfy fabric, now, and the doggos are sometimes replaced by other quirky designs. Music notes or hot rod cars are always a popular option and the trio of pups is now typically just one of the peppy poodles. Either way, the design is just as much of a fun spin on fashion as it ever was and you can bring the whole look to life in just a couple of clicks. 

Sock hop your way back to a simpler time when you slide into the swell '50s. Ditch the modern humdrum and twirl to some tunes at the local ice cream shop. Of course, a few of our Poodle Skirts have the modern conveniences of pockets, so you can still keep your smartphone at your side in case you need to capture some of these swell looks for your Instagram account! So, let your retro wonder fly in 50's style by picking out your favorite form of the iconic Poodle Skirt costume today!