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Bring the joy of Playmobil home for a new generation with our selection of Playmobil toys! Pick up a toddler-friendly playset to get little minds and fingers playing. Or inspire exciting new adventures for your school-aged kiddo with everything from City Life building sets to Rescue Mission scenes and Playmobil Magic!
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Playmobil Duck on Call Police Truck
Clearance  - 44%
Playmobil Bank Robber Chase Playset
Clearance  - 53%
Playmobil Duck on Call Fire Rescue
Clearance  - 56%
Playmobil Shark Attack Rescue Playset
Sale - 36%
Playmobil Tractor With Trailer
Out of Stock
Playmobil Fire Engine
Out of Stock
Playmobil Fire Ladder Unit Playset
Out of Stock
Playmobil Adventure Van
Out of Stock
Playmobil Go Kart Gift Set
Out of Stock
Playmobil Private Jet upd
Out of Stock
Playmobil Rescue Helicopter
Out of Stock
Playmobil Country Large Tractor
Out of Stock
Playmobil Family Camper
Out of Stock
Playmobil Knight Rider- K.I.T.T.
Products 1 - 31 of 31

In 1974 Playmobil playsets started igniting children’s imaginations. With the signature 3-inch dolls and continually expanding play environments, adventure was never far away. And that playtime fun hasn’t gone anywhere! So, whether you’re looking to build your own collection or introduce your children to the endless options of Playmobil, you’ve come to the right place—here, you’ll find the newest Playmobil toys!

Discover the fun all over again with our wide selection of Playmobil for girls and boys. Whether they’re seeking thrills or craving a peaceful game of house, your child is sure to love Playmobil as much as you did as a child. But, if you’re not sure which option to start with, we’d love to help! Continue reading to learn a bit about everything we have in store!

Playmobil Magic playsets bring fantasy realms and fairytale dreams to life! Send your child on a deep dive into the ocean to visit mermaids in their glittering homes. Or watch as they explore the epic lore of Playmobil’s Novelmore series.

Whether your family lives in the vibrance of the city or the tranquility of the country, Playmobil has sets to make experiencing both a playtime staple! Will your child prefer the rewarding work of running a farm? Perhaps they would like to try city life on for size. With Playmobil City Life, City Action, and Country, they can sample it all!

Get in on the game when you buy a Playmobil Family Fun set! From camping trips to the beach to visits to the city zoo, you and yours will love taking field trips from the comfort of home! Keep rainy days feeling sunny with a trip to the ice cream shop. Or inspire new games with the expansion sets that get all the Playmobil figures up close and personal with lions, sharks, or even a yeti.

Still in love with the creativity of Playmobil sets you had as a child? Build your collection with kits based on some of your favorite pop culture franchises. Or skip the ceramic villages you wanted to, but couldn’t, touch as a kid and create a village meant for play! With Back to the Future inspired sets or businesses, homes, and activity scenes, you can make the tiny town of your dreams for anyone to enjoy!

Not finding the Playmobil toy that speaks to your playful spirit? Think your child would enjoy something different than what you see here? As purveyors of fun, we never stop looking for that thing that our customers love. So, check back soon and often to see all the new playsets we add! From simple living to action-packed thrill-rides, we can’t wait to help you and yours enjoy Playmobil’s creativity at home!