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Pink skin, a curly tail, and adorable snuffling oink. It's hard to get over how adorable pigs can be! These gifts will celebrate everything wonderful about pigs from their soft pink ears to their sturdy snout. This category includes all the most famous pigs out there from Peppa to Piglet to Miss Piggy. Just be sure to go easy on the bacon around these adorable gifts!
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Flying Pig Glass Christmas Ornament
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

We all know at least one person that is completely obsessed with pigs. And even if that person isn’t you, it’s hard to deny how positively perfect a piggy can seem. From their little snouts to their bright eyes and curly tails the pudgy critters are absolutely adorable! So, when it’s time to grab a gift for yourself or the other pig-fan in your life, start with our selection of pig gifts.

From Peppa Pig to her ultra-sassy predecessor Miss Piggy, you’ll find pig collectibles for everyone on your list. Choose a Peppa Pig outfit for your kiddo or a pair of cozy socks that keep their little piggies toasty warm. Select something from our Peppa Pig toys to let your child relive the fun of every cartoon episode. Or bring more pigs to playtime with games and toys that cover every base. From card games to art kits and farm sets to plush, there’s an option for every kid.

Relive the classics for yourself with a pair of fabulous shoes that feature your favorite diva in all her show-stopping glory. Bring Pumbaa into the mix with a Pop! figure based on his hilarious live-action update. Or let Porky Pig update your wardrobe with a sparkling bag featuring his signature phrase.

Celebrate Halloween with a pig costume! Bring Peppa Pig’s whole family together with costumes that capture the playful look of the charming characters. Build a whole barnyard of pigs with Made by Us costumes that are fit for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. Throw on your favorite pink outfit and a pig accessory kit to keep your piggy transformation simple. Or get ready to practice your stammer to bring your Piglet costume to life.

Decorate your home with pig-themed décor. The old saying about not getting what you want, won’t apply when you have a flying pig ornament on your Christmas tree. And with Peppa Pig skirting your fabulous pink decorated tree, the entire scene will be set! Now, you may have to share your favorite bottle of wine, but with a pig-shaped bottle holder at least you’ll enjoy the one you’re sharing with. Update your kiddo’s bedroom décor and get them ready for the best playtimes and naptimes around with a Peppa Pig tapestry blanket that’s equal parts cute, stylish, and versatile.

Whether you want to listen to your favorite tunes with the world’s cutest pig or cuddle with a sweet piggy sans mess, we have a pig gift for you! From pig accessories to full costumes and snuggly toys to classic playsets, you’ll find the unique pig gift for you and yours.