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Let your child groove the beat of their own tune with our Pete the Cat gifts! You’ll find Pete the Cat merchandise including school supplies and books mixed among Pete the Cat plush that are ready for anything your little one might think up! Choose a Pete the Cat toy that encourages your child to create or a costume that lets them become their favorite blue cat! Whatever you decide on, we know your little one will feel Pete the Cat cool!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Who’s the grooviest cat of all? Pete, of course! We know it, you know it, but most of all your kid knows it, and they haven’t let you forget it since they first met the little blue guy. As far as children’s entertainment goes, Pete the Cat is pretty great though, so no complaints from the audience. His sing-song stories, optimistic attitude, and variety of adventures keep each new book and cartoon episode as fresh as the cool-cat himself. So, if it’s time to get something special for the Pete the Cat mega-fan in your life, start with us and our selection of Pete the Cat gifts!

When you shop with us, you’ll find something that’s perfect for your next gift-giving occasion. Give our quick overview a read and you’ll be ready to grab something groovy to keep your rocking with their favorite feline friend!

Just like Pete, when the summer comes to an end and school is back in session, your child is ready to take on the year! Grab them a Pete the Cat accessory that will make packing their lunch and school supplies extra cool. Or fill their Pete the Cat backpack with Pete the Cat books that they’ll be longing to share! With some of Pete the Cat’s most popular books in their collection, they’ll feel ready for each new day because “it’s all good.”

Help your kiddo rock along and sing Pete’s songs (or some of their own invention) with Pete the Cat toys. They’ll feel free to jazz things up with a Pete the Cat instrument set or ride in style like the blue cat with their own Pete the Cat scooter. A Pete the Cat plush toy lets your child bring the fun-loving character wherever they go! Whether they want a book-reading or Pete the Cat cartoon-watching companion, they’ll be set with the toy options in our selection.

Bring your child’s Pete obsession to the next level with a Pete the Cat costume! Dressed as Pete, your child will become the wave-surfing, baseball-playing, guitaring-strumming, friendship-building, new things-trying, groovy blue cat we’ve all come to know and love!

Whether it’s time to throw a perfect pizza party for your kiddo’s birthday or solve the case of the missing cupcakes, our Pete the Cat gifts are the perfect addition to the occasion. Get your little one ready to read, play, and learn while keeping things groovy with something from our selection. No matter what you choose, you and yours will enjoy rocking along to all the fun Pete the Cat has to offer!