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Open your loot boxes IRL with our collection of Overwatch gifts! Build your own character by combining our Overwatch toys with your favorite character-inspired apparel. Or recruit your ideal team of heroes with our Overwatch collectibles! With everything from socks to votives with characters printed on the side, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for you and the Overwatch fans in your life!
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POP Games Overwatch 2 Junker Queen
Sale - 17%
POP Games Overwatch 2 Lucio
Sale - 33%
POP Games Overwatch 2 Sigma
Sale - 17%
Overwatch Boys Genji Classic Muscle Costume
Sale - 63%
Overwatch Logo Shot Glass
Products 1 - 10 of 10

It’s rare to find a first-person shooter game that is accessible for every level of gamer experience. Overwatch is that game though! With game modes and characters that give new players somewhere to begin and high-skilled players ways to challenge each other, Overwatch surely deserves its recognition as one of the greatest games of all time (and it’s only been around since 2016)! On top of being approachable in its gameplay, Overwatch keeps its first-person shooter-style fresh. Its colorful characters (called heroes) and maps distinguish it from the likes of the brown-and-grey shooters you may be familiar with.

If you’re a fan of Overwatch, you’ve come to the right place to find your next Overwatch treat. If you’re shopping for an Overwatch fan, you’re still in the right place! Not sure where to start? We can help! After reading our short guide, you’ll be ready to pick something they’re sure to love—and you may just feel like giving the team-based multiplayer FPS a try!

In-game, players can purchase loot boxes that gift them with cosmetic items, like hero skins that alter their appearance. With our selection of Overwatch gifts, fans of the game can open their own loot boxes in real life! When you check out our Overwatch apparel and accessories, you’ll find everything from character-themed socks to all-over print backpacks! Damage-role players will feel as cool as Mei in an Overwatch Mei shirt while the team support may prefer a Lucio snapback that looks perfect with their headset. Fans can cheer on the entire franchise with an Overwatch logo splashed across their chest or keep their money safe with a wallet that proudly aligns with Overwatch.

Players are randomly assigned to teams of 6 at the start of a match, but with our selection of Overwatch collectibles, your Overwatch fan can build their dream team! Find the perfect balance between tank, damage, and support with the Funko Pop! figures available! Maybe it’s best to follow the meta-compositions when building a team of Pop! figures. Maybe it’s time to break from the norm by combining favorites solely based on preference. Or maybe, the dream team is all 31 heroes working together. However their collection grows, you’ll find another figure to start or add to a fan’s collection!

With Overwatch décor and supplies, any fan can decorate their home and office to keep the excitement going! Keep them fueled for the workday with an Overwatch mug and hydrated when they’re cheering on their favorite Overwatch League team with a water bottle. In case of a rough match, they can find a bit of calm with an Overwatch candle, before joining their next team.

Whether excited about the next season of competitive play or for the new heroes joining in Overwatch 2, you or another Overwatch fan will love all the gifts we have to offer! From costumes to décor and apparel to collectibles, there’s something for everyone!