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Products 1 - 23 of 23

It's Saturday morning which means leisurely waking up is actually possible because there's no school today. (Thank goodness!) You're not being awakened by a mom shaking you back to consciousness or the obnoxious ringing of an alarm clock; no, you're eyes are opening up naturally and it couldn't be more glorious. Once coherent, it's time to shuffle down the stairs to see what's for breakfast. Did mom make her specialty banana pancakes or did she whip up some extra-fluffy waffles? Maybe she's still fast asleep so pouring a big bowl of cereal drenched in cold milk is your only option, either way, you're fine with it. Shoveling syrup-drenched pancakes or spoonfuls of cereal into your mouth is fine with you because no matter what's for breakfast, a full morning of Nickelodeon cartoons is ahead. 

Nickelodeon cartoons, both past and present, are some of the best animated shows on television. Kids growing up in the 90's who are now full-fledged adults can remember watching classic shows such as Rugrats and Spongebob Squarepants. Good news adults, becoming your favorite character is still possible even though you work a 9-5 job now instead of attending elementary school because there are Nickelodeon costumes for adults in this category.

Great news for mature fans of the diapered cartoon babies with a knack for busting out of the playpen, you can now transform into your favorite character! We have an inflatable Reptar costume which completely disguises wearers to look like the totally green and ferocious dino who is the ultimate obsession of all the babies. Get inside the costume, blow it up, then stomp around destructively while roaring just like the real deal. We also have an adult Angelica costume for women that even comes with the hairpiece accessory while men can have childhood fun by pretending to be the ultimate "scaredy cat" redhead, Chuckie Finster. This costume comes with the Saturn-printed tee, green shorts, and hair headpiece. The purple square-frame glasses are sold separately. Please note, we also sell Reptar character sunglasses and Tommy Pickles sunglasses too!

Adults searching for the perfect children's costume for a youngster who's captivated by the current roster of Nickelodeon TV cartoons are also in the right place. We have a wide variety of officially licensed costumes so children are able to transform into their favorite cartoon character instantly.

If you know a little girl who would love to take a trip to Zahramay Falls to hang out with the spunky little genies, Shimmer and Shine, then you're in the right place. We have costume hoodies featuring the congenial genies that can be worn to trick-or-treat or on a daily basis. We also have accessories like a bejeweled scepter and matching wrist bangles and complete full-length costumes too. The girl's Shimmer costume features iridescent lavender parachute pants while the Shine costume comes with blue ones. We also sell Sunny Day, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, and Paw Patrol costumes too. 

Whether you're buying a Nickelodeon costume for a child or you're looking to relive your school days by dressing as a favorite cartoon character, this Nickelodeon costume category is a wise choice. Don't forget to send us a picture because we love Nickelodeon cartoons just as much as you and we love to see a good Halloween transformation!