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Our Favorite Most Dangerous Willy Wonka Candy From the Movie

Most Dangerous Willy Wonka Candy From the Movie

By: FUN Monster

Step into the magical world of Willy Wonka's creations, where each candy tells a tale of whimsy. Join us on this journey into the extraordinary, where the bizarre becomes the believable. Maybe even dress up as Willy Wonka himself or an Oompa-Loompa to get in the spirit of things! With the new Wonka movie recently coming out, let's explore our favorite and most dangerous candy invented by Willy Wonka. Brace yourself for a taste of adventure and a sprinkle of peril as we unravel the tales of these extraordinary treats. 

1. Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum

Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum

Source: WarnerBrosPictures/SplendorFilms/IMDb

Unpredictable Transformations: Ahh the three-course dinner chewing gum, it is a marvel of innovation. It promises a culinary journey in every chew. However, the danger lies in its side effects, as the gum has yet to make it out of the testing phase and into the consumer market. In the movie, Violet Beauregarde chews this experimental gum (despite Wonka's warning), and she transforms into a giant blueberry. This unpredictability adds an element of surprise to the candy experience, turning each chew into a dangerous gamble.

2. Fizzy Lifting Drinks

Fizzy Lifting Drinks

Source: WarnerBrosPictures/SplendorFilms/IMDb

Loss of Grounding: "You'll float too." - Pennywise The Dancing Clown. (Oops wrong movie!) The Fizzy Lifting Drink offers a temporary escape from the constraints of gravity and allows you to float in the air. However, the danger becomes apparent as individuals find themselves lifted off the ground, without a good means to find their way back to Earth. As Charlie and his grandfather discover, the means to landing involves burping your way back down. (We’ve heard tales that one Oompa-Loompa tester couldn’t belch and he floated away, never to be seen again!) Just make sure you're not under a fan when you drink this.

3. Everlasting Gobstoppers

Everlasting Gobstoppers

Source: WarnerBrosPicturesSplendorFilms/IMDb

Jawbreaker Permanence: Unlimited candy? Sign me up....maybe. The Everlasting Gobstoppers endure indefinitely without diminishing in size or taste. While not inherently harmful, the risk emerges from choking or individuals finding themselves in a perpetual state of jaw-breaking delight. Extended periods of jaw exercise could lead to unforeseen challenges, including jaw fatigue, unexpected dental appointments, and perhaps a newfound appreciation for softer confections. Maybe skip this one if you ever come across it.

4. Lickable Wallpaper

Lickable Wallpaper

Source: IndieWire/WarnerBrosPictures/SplendorFilms

Risk of Sicknesses and Diseases: In a post-pandemic era of increased germ-spreading awareness, we’re sure that Lickable Wallpaper will get canceled. The Lickable Wallpaper transforms walls into a flavor-rich canvas, inviting people to explore tastes beyond traditional candies. However, the danger arises from the unorthodox method of consumption. Licking surfaces introduces the risk of contamination and exposure to other people. (And perhaps pets too!) Would you share a lollipop with a stranger? I didn't think so. It's a flavor adventure with an unconventional twist, but at what cost?

5. Chocolate River 

Chocolate River

Source: WarnerBrosPictures/SplendorFilms/IMDb

Drowning and Temptation: A river made completely of chocolate? The Chocolate River is so tantalizingly delicious that it becomes a temptation for anyone near it. Though the chocolate itself is not dangerous, the danger lies in the irresistible urge to taste the flowing chocolate. (The lack of guard railings cannot be up to code!) Combined with the thickness of the chocolate and the fast flow of the river, anyone who falls in is at risk of drowning. In the movie, Augustus Gloop falls in by attempting to drink directly from the river.

So, what do you think? Would you risk it all for these delectable delights? Danger lingers in each bite, reminding us that maybe we should listen to Wonka and avoid untested treats. As we return to reality, let the taste of peril be a sweet reminder of the daring spirit that makes Willy Wonka's world truly magical.

Most Dangerous Willy Wonka Candy

  1. Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum
  2. Fizzy Lifting Drinks
  3. Everlasting Gobstoppers
  4. Lickable Wallpaper
  5. Chocolate River