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We've dug deep, we've gathered up the best materials, and we've thrown everything onto our crafting stations. Now, it is time to jump into the fun of Minecraft in the real world! Our Minecraft costumes and accessories will help you and yours do more than Steve ever thought possible. (And, for once, the Creepers and Zombies are here to join in the fun, too!)¬
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Minecraft is the way of the world, now. It is everywhere. People young and old, from all over the world love to dive into their servers, explore the vast cube-shaped realm, construct everything from small cottages to sprawling kingdoms... even replicas of mythical places like Hogwarts! It's hard to imagine that it has only been here since 2011. 

That's right! The world-changing game of world-creation that seems to have been with us forever is hardly even in grade school! (Even though it is a regular part of many schools thanks to its educational version!) 

As one of the most influential games out there, it came to no surprise that folks were looking to bring the game into the real world as much as possible. That's why we have a ton of Minecraft costumes and accessories to help you live out your Minecraft fantasies whenever you like. All you need to decide is what kind of adventure you want to start!

Similar to the actual game, we've got things for every kind of customer. In Minecraft, you can spend your days in Survival mode. That means you're constantly hunting for rare materials in order to craft the best (and sometimes surprising) gear. You've got to find delicious snacks to stave off hunger and definitely will need a few shining weapons and pieces of armor to keep the constant horde of zombies from getting in your way. They don't even rank compared to the cruel Creepers who self-detonate to explode you... and take all of your hard work while they're at it! Grab some mysterious elements and build a portal to check out the other realms and even explore underwater ruins where bizarre ancient creatures reside. So many options!

If you're a Survival type of player, you'll love our costumes that feature the diamond pattern of armor. You can further accessorize with weaponry from the diamond sword to the magically empowered trident. If getting in melee is not your square cup of tea, you can go for the bow and arrow, too. The combination you select makes your character even more unique than Minecraft Steve and has you ready to confront all of the threats the world has to offer. 

Then again, you might be the imaginative sort. In that case, you can dive into Creative mode. With limitless resources, endless time, and even the ability to fly, you can create anything your heart desires. (While we think building Hogwarts or Space Mountain sounds pretty cool, the idea of fending off Creepers at the same time is a headache we're not ready for.) 

Well, if the Creative game is your style, you'll be happy to know that you can mix and match many of our Minecraft costumes and accessories for even more innovative looks. Show up at the convention with a Minecraft adaptation for your doggo. Go as an anime bride and keep your diamond shield at your side. (Who even proposes with little rings anymore when you can go with a full regalia of shining gear!?)