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When you're gifting someone that loves mermaids, it's hard to know what they would like best. Chances are they have more thingamabobs than anyone you know and adding to such a collection takes a special eye. Luckily, we have a collection of our own that you're welcome to explore for their next mermaid treasure. From costumes to clothing and decor to toys you'll find something for any mermaid fan.
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Ariel Garden Mermaid Tapestry Throw
Sale - 50%
Cakeworthy Adult Little Mermaid AOP Shirt
Sale - 33%
Kids Sea You in the Morning Mermaid Short Sleeve Pajamas Upd
Clearance  - 88%
Poseidon Mens Costume Update 1
Made By Us
Golden Trident
Made By Us
Plus Size Women's Little Mermaid Ursula Prestige Costume
Sale - 15% Exclusive
Disney Little Mermaid Premium Ariel Mermaid Costume
Made By Us
Sale - 20% Exclusive
Mermaid Headband
Made By Us
Womens Sequined Pink Seahorse Costume
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
Womens Disney Little Mermaid Costume Outfit
Made By Us
Sale - 17% Exclusive
Aquatic Arm Fins
Made By Us
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Adult Mermaid Costume Update 1
Made By Us
Sale - 23% Exclusive
Womens Plus Size Disney Ariel Pink Dress Costume
Made By Us
Sale - 17% Exclusive
Womens Plus Size Alluring Sea Siren Costume
Sale - 13%
Plus Disney Little Mermaid Premium Ariel Mermaid Dress
Made By Us
Sale - 25% Exclusive
Deep Sea Siren Womens Costume
Sale - 11%
Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Deluxe Adult Costume
Sale - 8% Exclusive
Womens Sea Siren Plus Size Costume
Made By Us
Girls Sea Siren Costume
Made By Us
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Mermaid Seashell Bra
Made By Us
Sale - 65% Exclusive
Under the Sea Mermaid Women's Costume Main
Sale - 13%
Deluxe Mermaid Tail Skirt
Clearance  - 20%
Mermaid Starfish Hairclip
Clearance  - 60%
Womens Blonde and Green Ombre Wig
Made By Us
Sale - 65% Exclusive
Mens Mermaid Mafia Costume
Sale - 60%
Sea Shell Handbag Purse
Made By Us
Hipster Mermaid Costume for Women
Mermaid Shell Headband
Made By Us
Sale - 80% Exclusive
Products 1 - 60 of 129

You may have a very specific reason for why you’re such a big fan of mermaids. Maybe you’re captivated by the glittery images of the half-human half-fish characters of ancient myth. Or perhaps you’re fascinated by the different ideals, like freedom and feminism, they are said to represent. Whether your greatest desire is to become a mermaid, or you are happy to simply surround yourself with mermaid merchandise, you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of mermaid gifts offers everything from mermaid clothes and costumes to toys and décor that will get you as close to the mythical creature as you wish.

Shopping for a mermaid fan and not sure where to start? The following should help point you in the right direction and show you mermaid gifts ideas that are great for all the merfolk on your list!

Are the children on your shopping list obsessed with the sparkly tails and flowy hair of mermaids? Is their constant request a trip to the beach in order to swim with a mermaid? Make those dreams come true at home with a mermaid gift from our selection!

With mermaid toys your kiddo can invite their dolls and stuffed animals to tea parties under the sea. Whether they set up at a plastic table or under the cool blue roof of an underwater pop-up tent, your little one and their favorite companions can imagine a trip to visit their favorite aquatic friends. Our selection of kids’ mermaid accessories will have them ready to impress all their classmates with iridescent bags and little mermaid jackets. And our children’s mermaid costumes will have them feeling as beautiful as their favorite Disney Princess, Ariel.

Of course, adults can revel in the same dress-up fun with clothing and costumes that transform them too! Choose from Ariel inspired ensembles or an imposing Poseidon costume for a Halloween right out of Roman mythology. Or imagine how your favorite mermaid would enjoy her day off with a pair of cozy Little Mermaid sweatpants. Add mermaid jewelry or a bedazzled Irregular Choice handbag to your collection and you’ll be able to celebrate your favorite fantasy wherever you go.

Whether you embrace the mermaid for every idea and mystery they represent or simply love their flashy looks, our selection of mermaid gifts will meet your needs! From mermaid blankets and ornaments to dolls that get to live out that magical Little Mermaid transformation (minus Ursula’s threat) you’ll find something for you and yours. So, start your search with us and gather all the gadgets, gizmos, whozits, and whatzits your heart desires!

Mermaid Gifts and Merchandise

Who says you need to be under the sea to experience the enchantment of mermaids? Whether you're looking to sprinkle a touch of aquatic allure to your home, add some ocean-inspired glam to your fashion game, gift a wave of joy to your little ones, or even adorn yourself with whimsical accessories that echo tales of deep-sea wonders, we've got you covered!

Looking to transform your space with some mermaid decor? We have tapestries and throws to deck out your home. We offer mermaid-inspired fashion, like t-shirts and leggings to update your wardrobe. And you can be sure we have mermaid toys that will let mermaid-loving kiddos play out their favorite fantasies.

Whatever your mermaid desires, explore our collection and let the magic of the deep sea enchant you. Dive in and embrace the allure of our mermaid merch!

Mermaid Décor

Mermaid Décor

Ready to turn your living space into a slice of under-the-sea magic? We've got the perfect nautical knick-knacks for you! First, let's talk bedtime vibes. Our The Little Mermaid Full Comforter Set brings not only comfort with its brushed microfiber polyester but also a splash of ocean charm with its stunning Little Mermaid graphics. It's like diving into a sea of dreams!

For those cozy movie nights or just a dash of Disney style, the Disney Ariel Garden Tapestry Throw is your go-to. Whether draped over a couch or displayed as decor, Ariel's image on this woven tapestry promises to fill your space with enchantment.

Mermaid Accessories

Mermaid Accessories

True ocean aficionados will want to consider accessorizing the mermaid way! If you are stepping out for a day in the town or hitting the beach, you'll want to make waves with a mermaid backpack or handbag. And we have some great options from Loungefly to consider.

The Little Mermaid Triton's Gift Crossbody isn't just any mermaid handbag; it's a statement piece that whispers tales of deep-sea adventures and magical kingdoms. We also sell Loungefly Little Mermaid backpacks with unique appliqued designs and appealing vegan leather. No matter which accessory you choose to tote your stuff, every outing is going to be a splash!

Mermaid Toys

Mermaid Toys

If your kiddo's eyes light up at the mention of mermaids, then we've got some treasures for you. Check out our fantastic options for mermaid toys and let the oceanic adventures begin! We sell mermaid Barbie toys – because who doesn't want Barbie to have a tail, right?

For those who adore a good old cuddle or imaginative play, our mermaid dolls are the perfect sidekicks. But wait, there's more! Little kids can dive into endless fun with our mermaid playsets, where adventures never cease, and the deep-sea tales are as boundless as your little one's imagination. It's time to make some waves in playtime!

Mermaid Clothing

Mermaid Clothing

Hop right into our whimsical range of mermaid apparel that's perfect for daily dazzle. First up, the Cakeworthy Little Mermaid All Over Print Shirt pictured here. Made of comfy cotton and rocking a unisex fit, it features everyone's favorite Little Mermaid characters all over. It's like wearing your childhood memories!

Or if you want something more on the dressy side just take a look at our Cakeworthy The Little Mermaid Dress. Its stretchy fabric promises comfort, while the vibrant Little Mermaid graphics guarantee head turns. It's not just a dress; it's a statement. Wear your mermaid pride on your sleeve... or your entire outfit!

Mermaid Halloween Costumes

Halloween is all about channeling your inner alter ego, and what's more enchanting than embracing the mysteries of the ocean? Welcome to our collection of magical mermaid costumes tailored for everyone, from the ladies who've always been intrigued by the siren's song to kids who can't get enough mermaid fun!

Whether you're looking for sultry allure or iconic Ariel vibes, we have the perfect aquatic outfit waiting for you. We have plenty of looks to consider in adult sizes including extended plus sizes. Any of them will have you glowing with oceanic elegance! The kiddos can also light up the room with great mer-looks when you shop our mermaid costumes for girls.

So, gear up to let the mermaid magic sweep you off your feet this Halloween. With our collection, everyone gets to be a part of the mesmerizing underwater world, even if it's just for a night.

Women's Mermaid Costume

Have you ever dreamt of exploring underwater kingdoms? Dive right into our collection of women's mermaid costumes and make a splash at your next event. From the captivating allure of our Sea Siren Costume to the spooky twist of a deep-sea skeleton with our Mermaid Skeleton Costume, we feature many unique offerings.

Our selection includes sexy mermaid costume ideas as well as costumes for Disney's Ariel. Whether you're planning on dancing at a party or hunting for hidden treasures on the shore, our mermaid outfits promise a tail-flipping good time whenever you slip them on!

Plus Size Mermaid Costume

If you fancy yourself as a fabulous sea queen, embrace the waves with our curated collection of plus-size mermaid costumes. Our Plus Size Undersea Mermaid Costume lets you shimmer like the deep blue, capturing the mystique of the ocean's depths. If you're aiming for an allure that's hard to resist, our Plus Size Sea Siren Costume has got your back.

The Plus Size Alluring Sea Siren Costume is your go-to for a touch of enchantment that’s impossible to overlook. Celebrate your gorgeous self and make a truly unforgettable splash. Here's to making waves in style and confidence!

Girls Mermaid Costume

If your kiddo has ever watched a mermaid movie and wished they had a glittering tail, well, their wish is our command! Our selection of girl’s mermaid costumes includes kid-sized versions of our most popular mermaid costumes. Now, the little ladies can match the big gals, taking the underwater glam to the next level.

These outfits are perfect for birthday parties, Halloween, or just a day of imaginative play. Dive into the deep-blue world of sequins and scales where every little girl becomes the star of her own oceanic fairy tale. So, kiddos, get ready to twirl, whirl, and let your mermaid dreams unfurl!

Toddler Mermaid Costume

Ever seen your toddler stare deeply into water puddles thinking they're the vast ocean? We've got just the thing to match that boundless imagination. Check out our super adorable Toddler Sea Mermaid Costume - it's all about that baby-sized splash and dash! And for the little ones who hum "Under the Sea" before they even know their ABCs, the Girls Classic Ariel Costume is an absolute win.

Designed for the tiniest of explorers, these costumes are perfect for photo ops, playdates, or any magical under-the-sea adventure. Dive in and let your toddler shine like the brightest pearl in the sea!

Mermaid Costume Accessories

So, you've picked out your mermaid costume and you're almost ready to rule the undersea kingdom. But wait! You're not quite done. Let’s talk about the cherry on top – or should we say, the pearl in the oyster? Introducing our collection of mermaid costume accessories that'll take your look to 'ocean-chic' in no time!

Starting with the classic, a mermaid shell bra is not just a staple; it's an under-the-sea fashion statement. And guess what? It comes in both dazzling purple and tropical teal shades. Want something more? Take a peek at our Starfish Mermaid Shell Bra; it's the right kind of quirky to make heads turn (or should we say, tails flip?)

Slide (or glide) next into our Mermaid Skirt. It's the perfect blend of style and fantasy and is designed to flare just like a mermaid tail. You'll look like you've stepped right out of a fairy tale, ready to dance on the ocean floor. Or you can embrace the sea with our Mermaid Leggings, showcasing an exquisite fish scale pattern to pair with your choice of top.

Since we're talking about oceanic kingdoms, we should mention that every mermaid queen deserves her crown. So, put on our plush Mermaid Crown and let everyone know you're not just any mermaid; you're royalty. You'll be able to shine, shimmer, and rule your marine domain!