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When you're gifting someone that loves mermaids, it's hard to know what they would like best. Chances are they have more thingamabobs than anyone you know and adding to such a collection takes a special eye. Luckily, we have a collection of our own that you're welcome to explore for their next mermaid treasure. From costumes to clothing and decor to toys you'll find something for any mermaid fan.
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

You may have a very specific reason for why you’re such a big fan of mermaids. Maybe you’re captivated by the glittery images of the half-human half-fish characters of ancient myth. Or perhaps you’re fascinated by the different ideals, like freedom and feminism, they are said to represent. Whether your greatest desire is to become a mermaid, or you are happy to simply surround yourself with mermaid merchandise, you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of mermaid gifts offers everything from mermaid clothes and costumes to toys and décor that will get you as close to the mythical creature as you wish.

Shopping for a mermaid fan and not sure where to start? The following should help point you in the right direction and show you mermaid gifts ideas that are great for all the merfolk on your list!

Are the children on your shopping list obsessed with the sparkly tails and flowy hair of mermaids? Is their constant request a trip to the beach in order to swim with a mermaid? Make those dreams come true at home with a mermaid gift from our selection!

With mermaid toys your kiddo can invite their dolls and stuffed animals to tea parties under the sea. Whether they set up at a plastic table or under the cool blue roof of an underwater pop-up tent, your little one and their favorite companions can imagine a trip to visit their favorite aquatic friends. Our selection of kids’ mermaid accessories will have them ready to impress all their classmates with iridescent bags and little mermaid jackets. And our children’s mermaid costumes will have them feeling as beautiful as their favorite Disney Princess, Ariel.

Of course, adults can revel in the same dress-up fun with clothing and costumes that transform them too! Choose from Ariel inspired ensembles or an imposing Poseidon costume for a Halloween right out of Roman mythology. Or imagine how your favorite mermaid would enjoy her day off with a pair of cozy Little Mermaid sweatpants. Add mermaid jewelry or a bedazzled Irregular Choice handbag to your collection and you’ll be able to celebrate your favorite fantasy wherever you go.

Whether you embrace the mermaid for every idea and mystery they represent or simply love their flashy looks, our selection of mermaid gifts will meet your needs! From mermaid blankets and ornaments to dolls that get to live out that magical Little Mermaid transformation (minus Ursula’s threat) you’ll find something for you and yours. So, start your search with us and gather all the gadgets, gizmos, whozits, and whatzits your heart desires!