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On holidays, we wear Mean Girls. If you want to keep sitting with the plastics, you'll need to make sure you have the right look. Whether you're planning on knocking Regina George down a peg (or two), practicing for the Christmas pageant, or making a statement at your own Halloween party, you'll find your favorite Mean Girls look with us!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

There are two types of people. You have people that love Mean Girls and well, everyone else. Since you’re here, we can assume you or someone you know is in the first group. The passion for every moment of Mean Girls is so strong that you felt the same anxious tension as Cady when she entered North Shore High for the first time as well as the momentary triumph when she saved the Plastics’ talent show performance. While watching the movie for the umpteenth time (this week) would work, you’re looking for a new way to relive the story.

You’ve come to the right place!

Put Cady and the Plastics back in action with a Mean Girls Costume from our selection! From highly original solutions to sabotage to stereotypically sexy Halloween costumes there’s an iconic look for everyone.

Spice up your Halloween costume party with one of the Plastics’ signature looks. Maybe you prefer the costume Gretchen Wieners wore? Her shiny black catsuit is purr-fect for getting in the catty spirit. You could also transform yourself into the delightfully dimwitted, but sweet, Karen Smith in her adorable mouse costume. Or, make sure everyone entering your Halloween party knows who’s in charge by becoming the queen herself, Regina George. Dressed in her bunny costume, you’re sure to have a hoppy Halloween!

Even if you’ve been personally victimized by Regina George, it’s hard to not admire her resilient and blasé attitude. When Janis Ian sniped two holes in the chest of Regina’s tank top, Regina literally shrugged it off. Somehow, despite it being one of the least likely looks to stick, her exposed purple bra sparked a fashion trend among the entire high school! Honor that ultimate girl power move with a costume of the same design.

When it’s time to show off your singing and dancing talents, you know where to turn. Right back to Mean Girls! You’ve seen the movie and sang along enough to know the entire Jingle Bell Rock routine by heart. Now all you need is to gather your own girl group, pull on one of our Mean Girl Christmas Costumes, and find your stage!

Don’t forget your Burn Book! While we don’t recommend starting a diary that exclusively mocks other people, we do love the look of that pesky pink page-turner. Make your favorite diary, textbook, or novel your very own Burn Book lookalike with our stretchy Burn Book-Book Cover. It’ll make an excellent accessory to all your Cady, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen costumes!

Whether you’re looking to relive the fun for one night or want to keep the costume on hand for years to come, you’re set with our selection of Mean Girls Costumes. Carrying the Made By Us stamp, you can be sure each costume (even the book cover) is up to Plastics-standard and ready to make sure the cult classic never goes out of style!