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There’s no drama-llama here! Well, there might be one, but we’re working on it… So, if you’re searching for gifts for llama lovers, you’ve found the right place! In our selection of llama gifts, you’ll find everything from llama plush to decor and llama toys to apparel that’s perfect for a cozy cuddle or holiday party. Whether it’s another mug for you or a costume for Halloween, these llama gifts are sure to please!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Did you know the scientific name for a llama is Lama glama? There’s a wealth of debate over why glama is used, but we’ve come up with our own theory… When Carl Linnaeus first named the llama, he obviously knew that one day, llamas would be somewhat of a glam-icon. In our opinion, that is the most logical reason behind the name, since there is no clearer reason why Linnaeus chose to use glama in the name. We’re completely okay with it. After all, llamas have enjoyed near iconic levels of popularity in modern history which, in itself, proves our theory!

From petting zoos to pop culture and stories to merchandise llamas are everywhere! Their long ears and luxuriant fur has inspired characters for children’s books, video games, and movies. Their decorative bridles and saddle blankets inspire clothing and home décor to jazz up appearances. There simply doesn’t seem to be anywhere an image of the curious creature can’t be used. It’s made it hard not to love llamas! So, whether you or someone you know are llama super-fans, you’ll find some glamorous llama gifts in our selection.

Get yourself decked out in some llama apparel from our selection. Grab a pair of cozy llama pajamas for you and your little llama fans. Or get ready for Christmas with an ugly Christmas sweater featuring your favorite wooly animal! Take your llama apparel game up a level with a costume that’s perfect for turning you and yours into a true llama!

Decorate for the holidays with any of our llama décor. Find blown glass ornaments that will add more glitz, glam, and coziness to your tree. Set the table for dinner or tea with festive llama kitchenware. Or add a winter-ready llama figure to your well-established Christmas village.

Help young llama fans bring their favorite animal to playtime with our selection of llama toys and games. With plush for cuddling, crafts for creating, and life stages items for learning, there’s a llama toy for every child on your shopping list. Grab a copy of one of Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama books or stuffed animals to make storytime great. Or pick up a Loot Llama for your avid Fortnite fan.

When you shop our selection of llama gifts, we’re sure you’ll agree with our Lama glama theory. With everything from stylish apparel to sparkling ornaments, each llama gift makes for a wonderful addition to any home. So, thank Linnaeus for his odd naming of the popular animal then give our page a look to find something special for you and yours!