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King of the jungle. Proud leader. Majestic ruler. With the exception of a certain scaredy-cat living in the forest, this is how most people describe lions. Find your courage and embrace the life of a wild cat with one of our lion costumes. With sizes for everyone from baby to adult, no one will have to wait to be king! We offer a variety of sizes from a baby lion costume to a lion mascot costume, and even a dog lion costume, we have it all!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Can you think of a more majestic, yet fierce, animal than a lion? Even their cubs have a sassiness that surpasses their cuddle-worthy looks. So, when you’re searching for a wild costume for Halloween, look no further than our selection of lion costumes! With sizes from babies to adults, there’s something for everyone. Even get the furry-friend involved with a lion mane costume for your pet!

Create your own pride of lions for Halloween starting with our kid lion costumes. From super-soft fleece for infants to faux fur jumpsuits with full manes for your tween, there’s a cozy lion coat that will work for them. Choose soft velour for a plush lion cub look. Let your fierce kindergartner strut their stuff as a lion at school with a versatile costume hoodie. Or get your kiddo ready to relive the fun of The Lion King with a costume based on the classic characters.

Harness your own majesty with a lion costume for adults. Choose a men’s lion costume that gives the king of the jungle an even stronger look with macho muscles. Find a Made by Us bodysuit to show off your own powerful frame. Or one that’s as comfortable as it is convincing. You can even show the world how brave the Cowardly Lion is with a costume, wig, and badge that turns the big scaredy-cat into a proud king.

Explore your wilder lion costume ideas with accessories that bring each look together. From faux fur wigs to yellow cream makeup, there’s a finishing touch for every lion costume. Use a makeup and prosthetic nose kit to take your look to the next level. Or keep things simple with drawn-on whiskers for your pint-sized predator. Grab a mask to turn your regular lion into a Simba or Scar or even capture the original look of Dorothy’s courageous companion with a latex mask. No matter how you choose to accessorize, we have an option for you!

The song goes, in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight… but after a night of trick-or-treating in one of our fabulous lion costumes, there may be a delay in that sound slumber. The excitement and sugar will need to wear off. And whether you followed the kids on their candy-hunt or attended a Halloween celebration of your own, it’ll take a minute to relinquish the fun of ruling the jungle. So, get ready for a Halloween based on your wildest dreams with a lion costume in our selection!