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Does your kid preach, “rain, rain, go away,” or do they beg to splash in the drizzle and puddles? Either way, get them ready for some rainy day fun with kid’s umbrellas from our selection! With everything from children’s television characters to color-changing designs, these cool umbrellas will make even the wettest, gloomiest day sunny!
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Products 1 - 28 of 28

For kids, rain is one of two things. It is either a destroyer of plans or an exciting visitor. Rain pushes kids to stay indoors, or it begs them to come play. But as a parent, you get to decide if they can accept the damp invitation or discover different kinds of fun in your warm and dry home. If you choose to let your child splash in puddles and squish into mud, there are a few things required besides the “boots off before you come in this living room!” rule. Obviously, boots. Or, at least, sturdy shoes that protect your kiddos' tiny toes. A good jacket to keep them warm is useful. And a pair of gloves doesn’t hurt. But, whether your child is going out to play in the rain or you’re running errands together on a wet day, no accessory can beat a simple umbrella.

For reasons we’ve lost touch with, and a child is vague in explaining, umbrellas are magic. As a piece of technology, they keep our heads dry when it’s rainy. Or an umbrella can protect scalps from sunburn on crazy sunny days. But as a clothing accessory, they’re so much more. And our selection of unique children’s umbrellas is here to remind you of how wonderful a simple piece of rain gear can be!

As far as magic your child doesn’t need to explain goes, color-change umbrellas are where it’s at! For the kiddo that hates getting drizzled on or that would prefer a full outdoor shower, these incredible accessories have them covered! Playful imagery goes from colorless to colorful in the rain. So the child that finds rain gloomy gets some vibrance. And the child that would rather get soaked might just prefer watching their umbrella’s full image open up above them!

Need to get out of the house, but your toddler refuses to follow in the rain? Entice them with umbrellas featuring their favorite characters. Or help them play make-believe with duckies or froggies that’ll have them hopping from puddle to puddle and waddling from car to store without a fuss!

Get your kiddo prepared for any weather with cute umbrellas or umbrellas that are too cool for school—though they look great hooked to a backpack. Shiny metallic umbrellas covered in mesmerizing mermaids or oceans of sharks are sure to keep your child dry whether they’re walking to the bus stop or strolling alongside you all the way home.

Whether your child loves the rain or causes a fuss over a light sprinkle, our selection of children’s umbrellas is the rainbow at the end of any rainy day. Get them excited for the weather and prepared for a puddle-jumping good time when you shop with us!