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Toy Story's Jessie might not have been with us from the very start, but she threw a lasso around our hearts the second she appeared! Discover a whole new chapter of FUN when you pick up some of our Toy Story Jessie gifts. Wear your love of Toy Story on your sleeve with our Jessie clothing and accessories or give a gal her own adventure with our collection of Jessie toys and costumes!
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Loungefly Toy Story Purse-1-2-update
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I Am Jessie Women's T-Shirt
Toy Story Jessie Deluxe Tutu Girls Costume
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Toy Story Jessie Dog Costume
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Toy Story Jessie 15" Plush
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Pop! Toy Story 4- Jessie
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Products 1 - 18 of 18

Toy Story became an instant hit and we couldn't get enough of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. A few of us found the extra cast of characters to be pretty amusing, too, but it was all about the dynamic duo that kept captivating our attention. Still, that left a few of us still feeling that something was missing. Let's be honest... when your choices of favorite leads are the cowboy or the spaceman, we're looking for a little gal power! 

Fortunately, we were all saved with the arrival of the one and only Jessie! This cowgal knows exactly what she's doing. Frankly, Woody got a little out of practice with his lasso tricks, if we're being honest. It's a good thing that Jessie showed up to help brush up those skills. If you've only seen the first Toy Story, you might even be wondering who the epic female star of Toy Story may be! Well, she showed up in the first sequel and proved to be the key to unlocking Woody's memories. They both starred in their very own '50s show and brought those cowpoke skills to life. Sure, she might have seemed like a supporting character right away, but she quickly learned how to steal the scenes and became the cowgirl we were cheering for in the following films! 

That's why we know that you and yours are going to love our collection of Toy Story Jessie gifts. Just like Jessie has all the rest of the toys' back, you can be sure she's got yours when you are wearing a Toy Story backpack featuring Jessie's smiling face. Jesse plush toys and super sweaters will have you in fully Toy Story glory whether heading back to school or just wearing your fandom on your sleeve. 

Of course, if you and yours really want to dive into Toy Story FUN, check out our Jessie costumes. Between the hat, the cow-print trousers, and the bright Jessie blouse, you'll be looking the part of a cowpoke for your Toy Story movie marathon or a Toy Story birthday party! So, tip your hat and lasso some of these Jessie gifts to start bringing the toy chest to life.