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Footwear is a serious thing. While there's nothing wrong with wearing those same comfortable flats, sometimes you just want to wear something wild, eye-catching, and high quality. That's exactly what Irregular Choice shoes inspire with each and every pair. We have Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes for all you Rebels out there, as well as Irregular Choice Disney shoes for the Mouseketeers. There will be no shortage of Ooh and Ahhs, we promise!
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Irregular Choice Tom and Jerry Peek a Boo Flat
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Irregular Choice Tom and Jerry Tasty Cheese Flat
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Irregular Choice Tom and Jerry Best Present Heel
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

There's no debating the subject: women and shoes go together like peas and carrots. All types of women can appreciate a striking pair of shoes that are also comfortable, and that's why the brand Irregular Choice is our reliable go-to brand for all types of shoes for many different occasions. Geek-chic ladies will love our wide selection of Irregular Choice Star Wars themed shoes. We have Star Wars Irregular Choice shoes for ladies who like throwing on a pair of loafers when they leave the house in the morning, and we also have a wide selection of high-heels for women who like dressing up daily. The Irregular Choice Cinderella shoes or our exclusive line of Alice in Wonderland shoes will catch the eye of stylish ladies who love incorporating Disney into their everyday wardrobe. Try on a pair of Irregular Choice shoes, and we can bet that you'll instantly be in love with them! 

And you don't have to stop there. You can be covered in Irregular Choice apparel from head to toe! We offer Irregular Choice socks to go with your new ankle boots. Or even dress up in some Irregular Choice tights and leggings for a funky look. You can even add eye-catching accessories like Irregular Choice jewelry to make your outfit stand out. And of course, who can forget an Irregular Choice bag or purse to to bring the whole outfit together. You'll be feeling like a million bucks when you step out on the town looking absolutely fabulous!

Irregular Choice Shoes

Most of us put on shoes without thinking twice. They complete our outfit and prepare us for a day spent outside the home. However, if you want a pair of shoes that elevate your outfit instead of just completing it, then get your feet acquainted with Irregular Choice! Irregular Choice is a footwear and accessory brand creating works of art for your feet. Each pair of flats or heels tells a whimsical story with fanciful details and flashy splashes of color. Take the Bambi glitter flats, for instance. Covered in glitter and adorned with an image of Flower the Skunk, these shoes are a Disney fashionista’s dream come true!

In addition to gorgeous shoes, Irregular Choice also makes handbags and snazzy coin purses that also feature eye-catching details and legendary characters. If you love wearing unconventional clothing and starring in your own fairytale sounds like a dream come true, then stock your closet full of Irregular Choice shoes and accessories, which is easy since it’s impossible to own only one pair. Irregular Choice shoes are like potato chips, you can’t just have one! There are shoes and accessories for everyone, whether you’re a Toy Story fan or a Star Wars collector. The next time you go outside, add a pop of color to your life by stepping out in a pair of snow globe heels or light-up sneakers.

Irregular Choice Shoes and Accessories

Irregular Choice Disney

Are you a trendsetter who’s also devoted to Disney? Satisfy your inner child and your stylish side simultaneously with Irregular Choice Disney shoes! All of these officially licensed shoes feature the characters you grew up with surrounded by sequins, eye-popping pom-poms and plenty of other fancy frills to earn you praise from Disney enthusiasts and style icons alike! You can use Irregular Choice heels to offset an Alice in Wonderland costume or strut in wearing a pair to a friend’s tea party to be considered as the best-dressed guest. Irregular Choice Disney shoes are a must-have item for anyone who enjoys making a statement with their funky sense of style. Strap on a pair and declare yourself a Disney princess! Move over Cinderella, there’s a new princess wearing iconic heels.

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Shoes

Don’t go scampering after the White Rabbit anymore because the Irregular Choice Alice shoes offer endless amounts of magic. Ideal for all kinds of events, from charity balls to birthday parties, Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland heels and flats are perfect for the girl who loves surprises. You’re fearless in your fashion choices and in life! Sashaying into any room wearing the Who in the World Am I boots is a guaranteed way to make head turns since Alice is featured in the heel. Plus, these booties are dipped in in a blue sequin glaze adorned by an extra-large bow. These were made for attending a tea party disco! (We’ve never been to one but we bet it would be fun.)

Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes

Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes

There are Cinderella-themed Irregular Choice shoes because the Disney princess is a high heel authority and she’s raving about these heels. Not everyone can walk gracefully in glass stilettos but Cinderella makes it look easy. Do your best impression of Cinderella walking gracefully in her legendary glass slippers while you’re wearing the Faith in Dreams heel. Featuring a dreamy pastel color palette and a soft heart-shaped medallion fastened to the toe, these Irregular Choice Cinderella shoes can be yours and you don’t even have to ask a Fairy Godmother. Whenever you’re wearing these, you’ll want to be whisked away by a prince-driven horse-drawn chariot.

Irregular Choice Dumbo

Irregular Choice Dumbo Shoes

Dumbo’s ears are hard to miss, much like these Dumbo and Timothy ankle boots! Featuring colorful patterns and character patches, these Irregular Choice heels are a must-have for anyone who prefers funky fashion and eccentric pieces. We recommend pairing them with a Disney tee or a little black dress, they’re that versatile. On the other hand, if your style is best described as ‘sporty’ then Dumbo flats are perfect for you. Wear them on an elephant ride at the circus!

Irregular Choice Mickey

Irregular Choice Mickey Mouse Shoes

Oh Boy, Irregular Choice USA is making dreams come true! Their Mickey Mouse collection grants footwear fantasies since every shoe is eye-catching and fabulous. Bedecked in black glitter and adorned with two round ears, Irregular choice Mickey sneakers will make you as infamous as the giggling mouse. The high-top sneakers have light-up soles, perfect for wearing on an evening stroll around the Magic Kingdom. If the evening calls for a glamorous dinner, slip your tootsies into the glitzy Mickey heels, even though Minnie might get a little jealous since she always has to wear clunky, yellow shoes.

Irregular Choice Bambi

Irregular Choice Bambi Shoes

You’re going to fawn over these Bambi-themed Irregular Choice flats! Their whimsy details will make you want to frolic in an open field although the Bambi heels are fancy enough to wear to an extravagant event. Pair them with a women’s flirty fawn costume to upgrade your Halloween look. The attached butterflies and flowers are fun pops of bright color for your otherwise all-tan outfit. If that's not enough for you, try these Bambi and Flower ankle boots, a perfect addition to any look!

Irregular Choice Toy Story

Toy Story Irregular Choice shoes will take you to infinity and beyond! You’ll love simultaneously indulging your stylish and silly side by lacing up a pair of Rex high tops then taking a trip over to Pizza Planet for a slice or two. Each day will be more animated than the last if Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear take every step with you!

Irregular Choice Rex High-Tops

Irregular Choice Rex High-Tops

The Irregular Choice Rex high tops are just as lovable as the green dinosaur himself. You’ll love stomping into a social gathering wearing platform sneakers featuring appliqued details on the heel and googly eyes on the tongue. You may be thinking, "where would I wear these shoes?" but the real question is "where wouldn’t you wear these shoes?" They’re comfortable so they’re great for going on walks or an all-day shopping trip at the mall. Pair them with a Toy Story costume to give your look a quirky edge. You’ll look as fierce as Rex, minus the tiny arms!

Irregular Choice Toy Story Heels

Irregular Choice Toy Story Heels

Woody and Jess became friends even though they started off a little rocky but the Toy Story Rootinest Tootinest Cowgirl Jessie Heels will become your new BFF. Naturally, your other high-heels will become a little bit jealous when these Irregular Choice heels show up in your closet, just like how Woody was jealous when Buzz showed up. The character-printed fabric and cloth ties set them apart from other shoes. When you wear these, you won’t be walking; you’ll be strolling in style!

Irregular Choice Star Wars

If you’re going to set foot on the Dark Side, make sure you do so in Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes! From lightsaber-wielding to journeying across the deserts of Tatooine, these Star Wars shoes are ideal for all types of activities and occasions. We recommend wearing them to a convention paired with any of the officially licensed Star Wars apparel, creating an out-of-this-world outfit. Intensify your ensemble with a few striking Star Wars accessories to elevate your entire ensemble to Jedi status, or if you’re feeling particularly insidious, Sith status.

Irregular Choice C-3PO Flats

Irregular Choice C-3PO Flats

The golden robot women’s flats from Irregular Choice are your golden ticket into just about every event you can think of! To be perfectly honest, C-3PO is one polished droid so of course shoes created from his likeness are unbelievably stylish and elegant with a hint of nerdy chicness. The high-quality Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes have glittery accents and embroidered features on the toe. A perfect mix of classy and comfortable, the ornate slip-on style shoes will soon become your best friend, much like C-3PO and R2-D2. We recommend accenting these loafers with an officially licensed Star Wars handbag. We recommend using the Star Wars R2-D2 bowler purse so the two lovable (and comedic) droids can both be incorporated in your ensemble.

Irregular Choice Darth Vader Flats

Irregular Choice Darth Vader Flats

Thinking about crossing the line to the Dark Side? Well, that’s great because we’re happy to have you. If you do take the leap, we recommend wearing the Irreegular Choice Star Wars Vader sparkle flats for women. They’re the perfect shoes for meeting the Dark Lord of the Sith! They feature an outline of his iconic helmet embroidered in sparkling gold thread and surrounded by beautiful black glitter, perfect for luring you to the Dark Side! Definitely add them to your cart if you plan on wearing a gender-bending Vader costume for Halloween this year since they’ll add a feminine touch to the all-black ensemble. Add Vader’s red lightsaber to the ensemble for a menacing accent, or for a more demure look, wear a coordinating handbag and then crank up the "Imperial March" as you walk around in your Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes!

Irregular Choice Muppets

“It’s time to put on makeup. It’s time to dress up right. It’s time to raise the curtain and wear Muppet shoes tonight!” Take a cue from Miss Piggy and bask in the spotlight by wearing real showstopper shoes like the Irregular Choice Muppets shoes. Displaying sequins, character patches, and even feathery accents, these shoes are bound to garner tons of attention, just like the iconic couple Kermit and Miss Piggy. These are all fun and functional shoes that double as one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. Miss Piggy better watch out because there’s a new superstar in town wearing a glamorous pair of high-heels!

Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes

Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes

Don’t be surprised if Miss Piggy attempts to karate chop you while you’re wearing Irregular Choice Muppet heels, especially ones featuring her image. She’s known to be quite jealous, but these designer shoes are worth enduring Miss Piggy’s infamous fury. (If Kermit can withstand it so can you.) Splattered with rhinestones and decorated with dainty pink feathers, the fierce Miss Piggy heels have molded figures of the movie star pig on each heel. Perfect for a prima donna, these Irregular Choice Miss Piggy shoes may inspire diva-like behavior. Wear your favorites and stomp into any room with the confidence of Miss Piggy. Remember, you’re destined for stardom!

Irregular Choice Christmas

Have yourself an Irregular Choice Christmas! It’s going to be a very merry Christmas when you strut in from the cold wearing any of these Christmas shoes. They’re all full of glee and unbelievably jolly with the capability of giving you feelings of pure joy. Great for accentuating a favorite ugly Christmas sweater, the following shoes feature similar designs like extreme detailing and adorable holiday characters like Frosty and Mrs. Claus!

Irregular Choice Holiday Shoes

Irregular Choice Holiday Shoes

Distract attention away from your delightfully hideous sweater and onto your delightfully wonderful Irregular Choice shoes. Perfect for kicking off the holiday season, all of these Irregular Choice booties and flats can be used to accent your festive Christmas attire, although wearing them to shovel or build a snowman may be difficult. They're more appropriate for indoor Christmas activities such as tree-decorating, hanging up the stockings and dancing to the Jingle Bell Rock. They can also be used to spice up any Christmas-themed costumes. Impersonate Mrs. Claus while wearing The Clauses flats. They can also light up just like the string lights hung around the house.

Irregular Choice Leggings

Oh, leggings! They’re the best invention since sliced bread. Leggings are trendy, stylish, and most importantly, extremely comfortable. They feature a stretchy elastic waist like tights and pantyhose, but thicker fabric to shield skin from the harshness of winter. Plus, Irregular Choice leggings feature colorful and whimsy patterns to help you stand out in a sea of plain legs!

Irregular Choice Tights

Irregular Choice Tights

Now, Irregular Choice Disney extends from your feet to your legs! Toy Story Ham and Rex Tights can spice up everything from a Woody costume to a basic jean skirt. You’ll love looking down and seeing Ham and Rex printed on your legs, while fans of the most precious pachyderm around will have a ton of fun wearing Dumbo-printed tights. Finally, are you a unicorn fan? (Um, who isn’t?) Then deck your legs in the most magical tights we’ve ever seen, the women’s rainbow unicorn tights. Wear them with a sequin mini skirt to a friend’s cocktail party or with a sassy unicorn costume. Want to be a complete unicorn queen from head to toe? Then add Irregular Choice unicorn shoes to your ensemble for an enchanting ensemble that’s unparalleled.

Irregular Choice Accessories

Irregular Choice not only makes fabulous shoes, but they also create unique Irregular Choice Accessories. If you have a pair of their shoes, offset them with a coin purse! You won’t regret it, we promise!

Irregular Choice Coin Purses

Irregular Choice Coin Purses

Regular wallets are cool and all, but keeping your coin inside an Irregular Choice coin purse is the way to go. When paying for merchandise at the cash register, take out a Bambi coin purse for a fun surprise. All of these Irregular Choice accessories are small so they can fit inside any purse or handbag but capable of holding plenty of money. They also feature ornate details like metallic fabric and fuzzy accents, and they’re bound to earn you plenty of compliments!