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Shopping off-registry for a friend’s baby shower? Looking for unique baby gifts for a first birthday? Or maybe you’re looking for something special to finish decorating the nursery? Look no further than our selection of infant and baby gifts! With everything from infant clothing to toys for babies, there’s a bib, blanket, or book perfect for you and yours!
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Infant Peanut Costume
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Infant/Toddler Cocomelon Melon Costume
Sale - 43%
Infant Flower Costume
Made By Us
Infant Clowning Around Costume
Sale - 25%
Infant Circus Ringmaster Costume
Made By Us
Sale - 14% Exclusive
Anchorman Toddler Ron Burgundy Costume
Made By Us
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Products 1 - 13 of 13

Picking out something for your baby can be tough. They really can't hope to tell you what they want or even if they like what’s available. (Heck, if we had something that did that, it would be in a Gifts for Parents section!) Then, when you need to find something for a friend or family member’s little one, all bets are off unless you’re given a well-detailed list of wants and needs. But when you check our selection, you’ll find some of the best baby gifts around!

Does your sweetie need something extra calming to cuddle at naptime? Check out our selection of cozy baby blankies and plush toys! Whether their nursery is Disney Princess themed or it’s celebrating that wild animal life, there’s a snuggle-worthy option available.

Don’t just make sleep more comfortable though. Our selection of kitchenware offers something for everyone! Is your little one learning how to use utensils? Help them grasp the concept with flatware that fits their hands and features characters they’ll go gaga over. Did you dress your baby in something brand new before serving them some saucy mac and cheese? Keep that fresh outfit clean with a bib that covers and catches their mess! Or pick up a dish that will stay in place, so any swinging arms or misguided spoons don’t flip their entire dinner.

Enrich playtime with something special from our available baby toys. From plush playsets to educational classics, you’ll find a toy you and your baby both can enjoy! Try an electronic sloth that teaches the ABCs and 123s or grab a charming turtle that transitions from playtime to bedtime with soothing colors and star-shaped lights. Or keep it classic with a book you loved as a child or a wooden duck they can pull with a string.

Introduce your baby to some of your favorite things with clothing and costumes that are sure to please! Dress your tiny tot in onesies that are suited for an astronaut or for their first visit to the Hundred Acre Wood. Or get them ready to dive into the comic book universe with outfits designed after iconic characters’ uniforms. But you don’t have to stop there! Grab an infant costume that transforms your sweet angel into a fierce superhero. Choose a plush animal costume that only increases your baby’s cuteness or let them practice developing their spooky cackle with a classic Halloween monster ensemble!

Whether you’re looking to surprise the new parents in your life with something one of a kind or hoping to show your baby all your favorite fandoms early, you’ll find the gift that’s up for the task! From infant toys to adorable clothing sets, there’s something for every family and baby on your list!