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Are you looking to leave a mark on the day that you gave a gift to your friends and family? Well, what better way to make history than to offer up a gift that¬†speaks to it!? A map of the old world? Vinyl figures of prominent people from the past? For bedroom, mantle, office, or loo, we've got historic gifts that your favorite folks are going to love!¬
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

From the dark ages to the 21st-century people have been celebrating milestones with tokens for the occasion (or so we assume--some people in the dark ages weren’t very good at keeping records). Continue the tradition with a historical gift for your next special occasion! Whether you’re gifting a history buff or expanding the world for a young mind on their birthday, there’s something unique for them in our selection of historical gifts!

Explore what it was like to live during the construction of the first railroads or how fiefs and villages grew and expanded with a board game. Give the pirate life a try with pirate games and toys that will have you ready to fly your own jolly roger flag. See what it was like to build a ship or reconstruct a dinosaur with Metal Earth kits that are just as spectacular as the real thing! Or experience a different part of history with any of our historical games and toys!

Surround yourself with well-known names from some of your favorite time periods with a collectible figure. In our selection, you’ll find Funko Pop! figures of everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Einstein and from Bugs Bunny to Emperor Commodus. Mixed among the mini monuments, you’ll find DIY models of historic landmarks and even a couple of TV characters that bring history to life! Or fill your home with decorations that honor the long past and your own history in the making! Choose anything from drinking goblets to wall maps that keep record of your travels across the globe.

Know someone that’s about to reenact a historic event? Get them ready to impress with a costume inspired by their chosen historical figure! With a few hundred costumes to choose from in sizes for everybody aged infant to adult, there’s a costume and accessory for every showstopper and history-maker on your list! Grab a Cleopatra costume so your kiddo can breathe new life into their class’ ancient Egyptian history lessons. Choose a knight in shining armor ensemble for yourself before riding into the next Halloween party. Or select something that celebrates the past and present like a 1920s flapper dress with all the glitz and glam that made the roaring 20s something worth repeating!

Make history the next time you gift your family with something from our selection of historical gifts! With everything from apparel and accessories that bring pirates to playtime to costumes that recreate a famous event, there’s an excellent option for everyone on your list! So, relive the excitement of days gone by with a board game or drink to times forgotten with kitchenware that fits the era, when you shop our selection of historical gifts!