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It's time to experience history in a completely new way. If you can't trust time-traveling phone booths to help you live out your historical fantasies, we're happy to offer up some authentic historical figures costumes. From sea-faring buccaneers and Viking explorers to Renaissance wear and Egyptian finery, we have the historical costumes to let you relive the past. Or emulate a strong lady from the past with these historical women costumes!
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Everyone wants their moments to be memorable. But how often can you say that your nights have been historic!? You know, we're talking about the kinds of nights that not only do you remember for years to come, but the ones that are also talked about by others! Evenings that end up being written about in blogs, shared across the country, perhaps even trending on Twitter and brought up in news specials on the anniversary of the event every year! 

Okay, maybe we're overselling the idea of some of the activities that we all engage in. But, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be trying to bring the most to all of our costume moments. That's why we have such a large variety of Historical Costumes! Whether you have a favorite historic figure that you want to bring back to life or if you're in need of calling on the best decade of human history, our costumes are here to help you achieve your goal! 

Why might you like a Historic Costume? Well, let's take a look at some of the school pageants and special homework assignments that your tykes might be handed. You probably don't have easy access to the time machine that a certain duo named Bill and Ted had. And maybe you don't want to dive into hours at the sewing machine to turn your little tyke in the most convincing Benjamin Franklin that the school has ever seen. Well, you need have no fear. Our own team of in-house designers have created a huge line of Historical Costumes to help you get the job done! 

From Washington and Franklin to Aretha and King George, you'll find historic figures as early as prehistoric characters that you and your friends, family, kids, and even pets can enjoy! Tell the stories from the history books or create entire new tales that will be told for years to come. 

If you don't have a specific character in mind, don't fret, either. We have Period Costumes that come from every age through the decades. Bring the days of myth and mystery to life with costume from Ancient Greece and Rome. A toga or goddess costume is sure to make the night magical. We didn't leave even older histories out of the mix, though. The Ancient Egyptians have costumes that are gorgeous to wear and we even include some fashion from beyond the grave for when you want to awaken the mummies. 

Try a horned helmet to imitate what we've decided Vikings used to look like... or keep things authentic and focus on furs and artistry. Strike out on a quest as King Arthur and his knights or channel genuine Old London with the look of a Plague Doctor or play the other side of medicine with Jack the Ripper! Go back even further to unite with cavemen or find a way to create your own moment in history! There are no limits when you combine your imagination with our Historic Costumes.