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Horcruxes and hallows get all the attention in the Harry Potter universe, but what about socks! Without socks, Harry wouldn’t get any presents from the Dursleys, we wouldn’t know Dumbledore’s most desired Christmas present, and Dobby wouldn’t be a free elf. Search through our collection of Harry Potter Socks for your perfect pair, and never forget how important a good sock can be!
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Products 1 - 10 of 10

J.K. Rowling might say socks are in the books just for comedy, but a fan of the series will point to all the ways socks have left an impact on readers and characters alike. When Hermione was trapped in the bathroom as a first-year, Harry and Ron were able to find the troll keeping her there, thanks in part to his rank smell of dirty socks. Albus Dumbledore was made more approachable when he told Harry he’d like nothing more than a good pair of socks for Christmas. Dobby became obsessed with mismatched pairs of the cozy accessory after Harry freed him from the Malfoys using one of his own socks.

Whether for comedic effect or not, the mention of socks can bring a smile to any Harry Potter fan. So, when you’re looking for a gift for that Harry Potter fan, don’t forget about the simple pleasure of socks. A fan with a pair of Harry Potter socks is sure to see the thoughtfulness of the gift and know you had good reason to select whichever pair. When you’re looking through our collection of Harry Potter socks, you’ll find Hogwarts Houses and character-themed designs that are a great fit for any Harry Potter fan. Not sure what would be best to gift or just can’t decide which pair needs to join your personal collection? Grab a set that covers multiple bases or mixes up a few favorites!

Finish your favorite Harry Potter outfit with a pair of Hedwig socks. Or add a bit of flair to your Harry Potter apparel with a pair of studded Hogwarts socks that look as magical as the ceiling in the Great Hall! Create your own footprints on the Marauder’s Map with a pair of socks that honor the magical legacy of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs! Keep cozy in a pair of fleece-lined Hogwarts socks that Dumbledore would be jealous of. Maybe sip a hot drink from the matching tin mug that came with your new pair of Quidditch team socks or travel on the Hogwarts Express in a pair bearing the Platform 9 ¾ sign. If all else fails, sort yourself into your Hogwarts house or keep things interesting by sporting pride for each house with a pair or set of house-themed socks.

No matter which pair of Harry Potter socks you choose, as a gift or addition to your own collection, you can’t go wrong! Cozy, practical, and important to fans of the Harry Potter series, a pair of socks is more than it seems. With multiple styles, themes, and patterns to choose from, anyone getting a pair is sure to enjoy expanding their Harry Potter collection. Take a stroll through our collection of Harry Potter socks and find something to make your next walk extra magical!