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If you and yours have been completely charmed by Disney's Encanto, there's only one thing to do. Keep the fun going with Encanto gifts from our selection! Relive favorite moments with Encanto dolls. Let the sing-alongs reign with Encanto microphones amplifying the magic! And celebrate the landmark movie with Encanto Funko POPs for every fan!
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POP: Encanto- Mirabel Madrigal
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

Rarely does a movie arrive that's as universal yet as specifically impactful as Disney's Encanto. But when it happens, it only makes sense to celebrate! Whether every new but familiar character is singing your language, feeling your experience, or presenting just like you, Encanto and our selection of Encanto merchandise is here to toast it! Of course, if the movie is just a movie full of brilliant colors, songs, and beautiful characters for you and yours to love and obsess over, we've still got you covered!

Follow along with our brief overview of everything our selection has to offer. We'll help your pick the Encanto gifts that best suit your need. From Encanto toys to clothing accessories, there's something charming waiting for you to discover!

If there's one thing for absolute certainty, Encanto's soundtrack is a fiesta! Even if you watch the movie with half an eye while making dinner to keep the kids entertained, you've probably caught yourself singing along. After all, this isn't the first time you've popped on a Disney movie to corral the chaos, and all the show tunes are just so catchy! But Encanto takes it to another place, and while you enjoy the music setting a playful atmosphere in the home, it's not always time for We Don't Talk About Bruno. No, no, no, no, sometimes the sing-along fun needs to be secluded. Keep it lively when it's quieted when you purchase Encanto headphones for the magical rascals in your home. They'll be bopping to every tune, and you can enjoy something completely separate or some peace and quiet! Get the party started all over again, though, when you turn on the Encanto accordion and unleash your inner Maribel. Or join the kiddos in retelling the entire story with Encanto playsets, complete with Casita!

When it's not the perfect time to pull out the Encanto dolls for a little imaginative play, consider subtler gifts to keep the charming movie's spirit alive and well in your home! Our collection of Encanto POPs is a special treat perfect for displaying on the mantel, your kiddo's bookshelf, or even at the office. With any of the Madrigals looking your way, you're sure to feel a boost befitting the magical family! Of course, if you want to take the Madrigal enchantment with you into the world, an Encanto accessory might be an even better fit! Try an Encanto wallet filled with the essentials for your travels, errands, or Disney bound-of-the-day photoshoot!

Are you looking for even more Madrigal-worthy gifts to celebrate the heartwarming film? Check back with us soon to see what new surprises we've added to the store! We're always looking to keep the fun going, and you're sure to discover something charming today or on your next visit!