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Dragons are a pretty big deal right now in pop culture and in gaming and on TV, so we went all-out in stocking our digital shelves with the coolest dragon gifts around. Shop all of our items right here, with dragon costumes, collectibles, toys, and board games. Or check out our selection for some great dragon gift ideas! We're sure you'll find something just right for a touch of fire-breathing fun!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

How much do you know about dragons? There are so many different versions! Depending on the culture or the franchise that you're diving into, they can look and act very differently... so there is a lot to know! If you're looking at giving someone in your life the gift of a draconic treasure, you need to know which kind of dragon they're going to love the most. (And, don't worry. You are totally included in the list of someone in your own life, so dragons are for you, too!) 

It would be tough to talk about dragons without mentioning D&D. If you're adventuring out into the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, you'll find that each dragon is sorted by the color of their scales. Red dragons love them some fire. Can you guess what blue dragons are into? (If you guessed ice, you're probably thinking of Game of Thrones!) Actually, if you get your kiddo a blue dragon costume, they might need some lightning powers, too!

Speaking of Game of Thrones, there are some great ways to bring your favorite TV and book series to life. Fetch a dragon egg and feel like the Mother of Dragons! Once you're ready, you can hatch that egg into one of our Pop! vinyl figures and get ready to free the land and save its people. (Hopefully without all the fire.) 

If you like fire, we have to point you in the direction of Spyro. This little guy is quite the inferno of fun. From original games to Skylander mischief, he's got quite an array of abilities. Plus, he's purple. How often do you get to run into a dragon with that kind of rare colorization! Spyro isn't the best at flying but his gigantic horns make his charging game on point. Choose one of our figures or costumes to live out your best dragon life. Unfortunately, that sarcastic sense of humor doesn't always make him the most cuddly of dragon options. 

Don't worry, though. We've got a bunch of plushy dragon options for you, too! From soft pillow buddies and Kigurumi to puppets and even Dragonsheen. (Oh, you silly cat-dragon.) Believe us, we were surprised to learn that some dragons are snuggly instead of fire-breathing beasts, too. Turns out that once they are loyal, they can be lifelong friends... and that's a surefire way to have a ton of fun!

Speaking of fun, there are a ton of great dragon decorations that you can use to turn your dwelling into an epic dungeon. You'll find a ton of home and office dragon gifts that offer the perfect bit of fantasy to your daily life. Some are even animated. Who wouldn't love to see a dragon flapping its mighty wings once you show up for the party? After the shock is over, you can sit down with your friends to some of our dragon board games. Conquer the skies and take over the seas and establish your mighty lair with our collection of dragon gifts. 

After all, what is more dragon-like than creating your own hoard of treasures!?