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The magic of Seuss lives here. In fact, no need to fear, you're very near. We have Dr. Seuss costumes and plenty of gear, to help you out of that normal day drear. You can dress as The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Thing 1 or even Thing 2. We even have storybook accessories to help you look like the Cat in the Hat! How neat is that?
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Everybody knows at least a little about Dr. Seuss. It would be impossible not to have gathered up at least a few phrases from his many books stuck in the noggin. Maybe you're a fan of various numbers and colors of fish. Perhaps you know all the locations in the world where green eggs might be enjoyed. It could be that you learned all about the importance of conservation of the planet thanks to the work of the Lorax or discovered the uniqueness of every individual thanks to Horton! 

But, there is a ton about Dr. Seuss that not everyone knows about. Did you know, for example, that he wasn't really a doctor? He was well on his way to getting a doctorate in philosophy until he was advised to follow his true calling: illustrating fabulous creatures and writing for kids! (He only added the Doctor tag to his pen name to appease his dear old dad!) Seuss was his middle name and it turns out that most of us had the pronunciation all wrong. Collaborators even wrote a poem to help us realize that it rhymed with voice. Being the good guy he was, he realized that rhyming it with Mother Goose wasn't so bad, though! 

Dozens of characters came to be. Everything from rap master, Mr. Fox, to an adorably kind moose named Thidwick. We already mentioned the kindly elephant, Horton... and we can probably handle hanging out with Sam-I-Am, despite his obsession with getting folks to eat his weirdo breakfast food!

Of course, the most famous ones remain in our mind year after year. The Cat in the Hat first showed up on the scene in 1957. He brought along his Thing-1 and Thing-2 to keep us company and to teach us all ways to keep things entertaining even when it is raining. (Of course, maybe he taught us even more how to keep out of trouble when our folks are trying to trust us.) In the same year, we learned that even folks who just can't stand the holidays can make up for it thanks to their big hearts. Yep, we're looking right at our green and fuzzy Grinch. We still tend to use the term to frown at folks that don't want to get in on the fun... even though Mr. Grinch definitely learned his lesson and became the biggest gift-giver around. (Well, we suppose he technically only gave gifts that other people already wrapped up.)

Fortunately, you can take the lessons learned by all these glorious characters and put it together in a Dr. Seuss costume that will have everyone smiling. Our Cat in the Hat costumes are sized for all ages and we have a ton of Thing costumes and accessories to brighten up anyone's day. From the big green guy to his friendly pooch and even Cindy Lou Who, you can give the gift of stealing Christmas, too, thanks to our Grinch costumes. 

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