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New digs require creature comforts. Whether setting up a campus dorm or your first college apartment, our dorm room gift ideas are here to help make it feel like a dream home away from home! Cuddle up with nerdy throw blankets and loungewear, perfect for late-night study sessions and weekend breaks. Turn small spaces into fandom oases with Care Bears or Friends home décor. And stock up on college life essentials too, when you shop with us!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Leaving home for college? Or maybe you're the one sending a kid off to their first year of university. Either way, it's time to ensure the transition is as comfortable as it is exciting with dorm essentials! Our selection of dorm room gifts makes that easy with everything from home décor to loungewear and dishes perfect for every young adult's home away from home!

If you're looking to gift a college student, we've got lots of ideas! And they cross the entire spectrum from playful to practical without ever losing their ability to match the receiver's unique personality. But what are these dorm gift ideas? Let's get into it!

Our first idea is a classic: something cozy that reminds your student of home! And our favorite option is a cozy fleece blanket.

For the college-bound kid that spends their weekends watching classic Disney movies with the fam, an exclusive Disney throw ensures they can stay wrapped up in those comforting moments even when they can't make the trip home. And if you're the type to decorate for every holiday, a seasonal selection of blankets gifted to your college student is sure to keep them surrounded by that familiarity.

Want to ensure the college kid on your list feels like they're making their new home all their own? Pick up kitchen essentials that encourage that very thing! With a collection of ramen bowls, mugs, and even tea infusers that celebrate their favorite things, each dinner party or morning coffee is accompanied by a sense of "this is uniquely me! Welcome to my home!"

Maybe you're the one setting up the all-yours space, though? We're sure you're having fun filling your cart with all the décor you dreamed of stocking your childhood bedroom with. But let's not forget the essentials!

A desk mat offers comfort while you crank out term papers, and with an anime theme, it may just make homework more enjoyable. And a lamp is always a bright choice! Especially if you're sharing your space with a roommate operating on an opposite schedule. But you don't have to settle for plain bulbs and shades. Twinkle lights and Halo swords will do the trick just as well!

Last but not least, loungewear is a dorm must-have! Treat yourself or the student on your list to snuggly onesies, sweats, and slippers to match their aesthetic or interests. From Donkey Kong union suits perfect for weekend video game binges to Pokémon slides that'll keep toes warm through late-night studies and quick runs to the dormitory's cafeteria, our lounge selection has the need covered!

Looking for more? Check out our full back-to-school gift selection to discover more essentials and extras that get students of every age ready for another wild and wonderful year!