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If you have Whovian friends, (or even if you're a Whovian yourself), you're not interested in mundane gifts. No, plain socks and underwear might be practical, but Doctor Who gifts can be practical too! Apparel, accessories, undergarments, office decor and even kitchen gadgets are much more fun when they're emblazoned with Doctor Who icons like the TARDIS, K-9, Daleks and the Doctor himself.
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Doctor Who Dalek Geeki Tiki
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Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Geeki Tiki
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Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Tie
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Doctor Who Men's 11th Doctor Jacket
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Eleventh Doctor Womens Jacket
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Doctor Who 13th Doctor 5" Ornament-update
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Doctor Who Fluxx Game
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Tardis Skinny Tie
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Doctor Who Tardis Geeki Tiki
Products 1 - 14 of 14

When you're an alien that's lived for millenia, you tend to acquire a few things. Like a sonic screwdriver, or a nasty scar from that run in with the Daleks. But when you're a plain old human like we are, you have to be more selective of the things you acquire, because hey, you only live once! For Doctor Who fans, it's all about the Doctor, the Daleks, the Tardis, the Sonc Screwdriver, and all the other amazing things this show has created that you just want to own. Whether it be small representations of the Tardis for your desk at work, or a DW piece of clothing to wear on all your Earthly adventures, or maybe even a replica gadget from the show, has got you covered for all your Doctor Who gifts needs. We're all stories in the end, eh, so make it a good one!

Doctor Who Gifts

Doctor Who Gifts

Can you hear the vwoorpy sounds flaring? Do you have your sonic screwdriver at the ready? Are you watching out for all the quantum-locked creatures that are waiting to gobble up your precious life force? Maybe you'd rather meet the last living human or one of a zillion fascinating species and unique individuals that dot our timeline? Well, it is time to get your Whovian card ready and up your nerd cred to the thirteenth level with our Doctor Who gifts, ideas, and apparel! Deck out your own home and be like the Doctor and help make the universe a better place with one smiling friend at a time!

Doctor Who Gifts for Her

Time, space, and everything between would for sure be lost to any number of quantum threats if not for the ever-present support from the Doctor’s companions. And, who wouldn’t want to hop into the TARDIS and be whisked to adventure time in far off realms? Until it is time to hear that “sexy elephant noise”, though, all one can do is prepare for the Doctor to arrive. Get the next companion ready for all the fun with these gifts for Doctor Who fans so she doesn’t make the mistake of asking, “Doctor who?!”

Doctor Who Armwarmers

Tardis Armwarmers

New companions often have a tough time acclimating to the adventure. Not only do they need to be ready for environments that may be quite different from modern day London, but the TARDIS can be rather picky about who it likes. Now, something like a pair of TARDIS themed armwarmers have a magical way of letting someone both feel warm on those chilly worlds and also get a good impression with that little blue Police Box. Those little tricks are crucial for fitting in with the rest of the time traveling crowd!

Doctor Who Plush

10th Doctor Who Plush

How do you really talk about experience when it comes to a Time Lord? They’re sort of everywhen at once, aren’t they? The best we can do is look at how long the Doctor hangs out in any specific incarnation. So, you can either look way back to the Fourth Doctor who hung around in that iconic scarf for seven seasons or you can look at the Tenth Doctor who nearly doubled all the rest at five seasons. The fact that he’s a bit more modern and way quirkier leaves the plushy Tennant as an ideal Doctor Who gift idea for any companion!

Tardis Water Bottle

Dr. Who Tardis Water Bottle

Remember that adventures are not for the meek...but they’re certainly not for the unprepared. So, be sure that you stretch before running away from Daleks. Also pack extra underwear (especially if you plan on encountering Daleks). Some earbuds might be nice for the long wait between seasons (or, yes, when Daleks start screaming out, “Exterminate!” and other such nonsense). But, above all: stay hydrated! Your adventures are secured with a TARDIS water bottle...even though we doubt it’s bigger inside than it appears to be. But, you never know with Doctor Who!

Dalek Dress

Dr. Who Dalek Dress

Ever wonder how anyone manages to talk with a Dalek? With all that electronic distortion, you’d think that they were stuck on a 1980s synthesizer instead of spread throughout all time! Even if you can get beyond that...well, let’s just say that the Dalek aren’t really known for using all that supreme intelligence to bulk up their vocabulary. Fortunately, a little bit of compassionate DNA can do wonders. Plus, wearing some of their Dalekanium and polycarbide armor would be pretty cool! Go the infamous hybrid route with a Dalek Dress and be killer cute!

Doctor Who Christmas Gifts

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is always something special to look forward to! It’s that little gift that gives you a taste of things to come right in the middle of the between-season wait. So, take a sigh of relief, settle in for the special, and decorate your home with some of our Doctor Who Christmas ornaments to get yourself pumped for the next big thing!

Doctor Who Christmas Décor

Doctor Who Christmas Decor

Start out your seasonal decorating with your Christmas tree, of course, and you’ll probably want to use our TARDIS Light Set and Dalek ornaments to spiffy it up in Doctor Who style. You’re going to want a unique tree, after all, and most of the Dalek that we’ve ever encountered in the universe are rather unique individuals. Maybe, though, if we teach them some seasonal cheer, we can hear them try out some new words: “HAP-PY HOL-I-XTERMINATED!” On second thought, maybe next time! Next up, we suggest adding a shiny gold Doctor Who Christmas Tree to accent your primary tree (trust us, you can never have too many trees!) and then we’d recommend adding some other Doctor Who accessories to help set the scene, too. A TARDIS fleece throw might be a nice touch, and a Doctor Who TARDIS Vortex Plate & Soup Bowl Set is always a good thing to have handy for some seasonal cookies or soup. Most importantly though, don’t forget to hang up a TARDIS Christmas Stocking (presumably with care), since you know it is going to be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. So...yup! More presents! And so pretty, too!

Doctor Who Apparel

Every new regeneration offers the Doctor a grand opportunity to completely change their style. Not only does the Doctor look different, but the Time Lord has a pretty dynamic shift in personality, too. That, naturally, means that it is time for a major revamp of the wardrobe. Now, we’re not suggesting that you need to adapt your style with every regeneration, too...but you certainly have the option! And, what better way to keep your threads looking unique and also show your Whovian status than with some of the best Doctor Who gifts: clothes!

Men’s Doctor Who Apparel

Doctor Who Apparel

Be prepared for anything when you’re decked out in the best of Doctor Who gear. Just remember that any adventure in time and space requires a bit of creativity. You may find yourself needing to blend in with the enemy, especially if they’re the type that want to convert all living folks into one of them. A nice Cyberman hoodie can be a surprisingly effective disguise! Of course, you can’t always hide. You might need to stand out. Head to the Time Lord Academy to learn your stuff (though we’re pretty sure it doesn’t really exist). Otherwise, we’d all suit up as the Tenth Doctor!

Doctor Who Suits

Doctor Who Suits

Now you’d think that, at a glance, suits are a common look for the Doctor while hanging inside the TARDIS. Heck, there are a lot of pretty awesome jackets featured on the bod of our favorite Time Lord, after all! From lounge and smoking jackets of the First and Third to the suit jackets of the Second and Eleventh, we’ve got a good variety. (We’ll not discuss the plaid overcoat and polka-dot tie of the Sixth and who can even approach the stunning look of the Twelfth Doctor?!) But, only the Tenth Doctor really went full-on formal suit. We imagine that might have been different if the other Doctors realized the options available to them. Why, they could have so easily explained the whole ‘bigger inside’ thing with a suit that showed off the TARDIS’ interior. And the Ninth Doctor wouldn’t have had a tough time warning Rose about his greatest enemy while sporting this Dalek suit. So, pick out the style that fits perfectly for your current regeneration cycle and suit up with some Doctor Who geek-chic attire!

Doctor Who Costumes

Of course, showing off a style that’s only inspired by the fandom or bound to draw the attention from the Doctor is hardly the same as regenerating right into the Time Lord! Why just wait and hope or even watch from the sidelines when you can get right into the thick of the adventure with some of our Doctor Who Halloween costumes. (Remember: when you’re a Time Lord, you can have Halloween every day. That’s clearly the best part!) All that will be next is figuring out which of the many adventures you want to go on. Fortunately, with the right choice of Doctor Who costumes, ideas are never far away!

Twelfth Doctor Jacket

Twelfth Doctor Mens Jacket

Imagine being practically immortal- having thirteen lives to spend how you see fit and each of them possibly going to live far longer than any human could hope for. (At least, until you decide to use that life to defend folks across the universe you typically get that life cut short pretty quickly.) Either way, that can certainly cause a bit of an attitude problem! If you are the kind of Doctor that enjoys being ruthless and direct, and a harsh-faced grandfatherly type, then the Twelfth Doctor is the incarnation for you. Slip into a truly elegant jacket and let’s go put Clara through Hell!

Eleventh Doctor Jacket for Women

Eleventh Doctor Womens Jacket

Remember when the world was going crazy with the speculation that the next Doctor might be a woman? Well, the Eleventh Doctor thought he might have been the first one. If you’re about to regenerate while the TARDIS is going all explody, make sure that you check everything. Arms and legs, eyes and fingers. And, just maybe, that longer hair will have you thinking you’re a gal! Well, with the right bow tie and a tweed jacket cut to the proper measurements, you might be right and we might not have to wait until number Thirteen for our female Doctor! Geronimo!

Doctor Who Collectibles

The Doctor isn’t really one for tokens of memorabilia. (That’s really that other dimension hopping Doctor.) Perhaps it has something to do with all of those regenerations that they’ve got up their sleeves. We mortal humans, though, certainly love to collect tokens that remind us of our favorite moments and let everyone else coming into our domain know exactly what kind of fandom we’re part of! Make sure that you show how mighty a Whovian you are with our wide variety of trinkets, tokens, and fascinating Doctor Who figures from the epic legacy that is Doctor Who.

POP! Vinyl Tardis

Doctor Who Tardis POP! Vinyl

Since the TARDIS can be way bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, who is really to say how big it needs to be on the outside in the first place? Now, we’re aware that you still need to actually get inside the door to manage to get anywhere, so a 6” POP! Figure of the TARDIS is naturally going to create a few complications, but it’s definitely better than no TARDIS at all!

4th Doctor Scarf

Fourth Doctor Who Scarf

Especially after Doctor number Eleven gave us a solid claim that bow ties were the way to go, it’s kind of just been that way. But, that’s really making us overlook some of those other epic styles. Show that you’ve been there since the start. You know that the Fourth Doctor was the only one who existed throughout all in-color times and that his neckwear was perfect. Scarves are cool!

Metal Earth K-9 Model

Metal Earth Doctor Who Rusty K-9 Model Kit

Not only did the Fourth Doctor have some epic neckwear, he also proved that Time Lords needed the very same best friend that humankind possessed! Well...kinda. #4 definitely didn’t have a conventional doggo, but he did have one that would be able to live roughly as long as he might! Keep the best companion at your side with K-9. (Just remember that he cheats at chess!)

Metal Earth Tardis Model

Metal Earth Doctor Who Tardis Model Kit

Part of the problem of getting any old TARDIS to decorate your place is the clear awareness that...well, most of them do not look like they can activate much of a siege mode, let’s just say. Now, generally, you shouldn’t need that kind of power to bear. But, if you’re one that wants your TARDIS to have some serious weight, you can’t go wrong with a solid POP! Doctor Who 6" TARDIS Vinyl Figure!

Doctor Who Toys

The Doctor is a bit Mr. Rogers, a bit MacGyver, Inspector Gadget, and a dose of Mary Poppins, too! This is a Time Lord that puts all the others to shame! That’s largely because the Doctor knows exactly what kinds of Doctor Who toys to keep around. One never knows what kind of magic little device might completely turn the tables from the baddy wolves to the companion crowd! Now, we can’t promise that you’ll be saving the world just because you have any of these fantastic Doctor Who TARDIS toys, Dalek toys, or even a handful of legitimate tools...but with the level of fun you’ll have with any of them, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve saved your own world!

Sonic Screwdriver Toys

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Toys

Naturally, the most important ‘toy’ in the universe has to be the invention of our own Time Lord. That blasted Sonic Screwdriver has managed to upset virtually every bad guy that the universe ever has (or ever will) see. All you have to decide is which incarnation of the sonic screwdriver is your favorite. How about the Mark VII from the Eleventh or the particularly noisy one the Twelfth Doctor used next? With so many sonic options out there, your choice of implement says a ton about you! Or, if you’re really creative, perhaps you can start a whole new trend with one that crosses time itself: the trans temporal sonic screwdriver. (Really, so long as you don’t go with Sarah Jane’s lipstick, we think you’ll be doing great.)