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A little bird told us that you might be looking for a few Disney home decor items to spruce up the house. Well, you certainly looked to the right fairy FUNmother, because we've got a practical Disney castle filled with cups and cutlery, bags and bottles, and even a couple genies and godmothers ready to grant your wish! Browse our great Disney Home & Office category!
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Disney has more than likely been part of your home for decades, perhaps your entire life, and we are here to make sure that tradition continues! We have a ton of cute office supplies and Disney decor to help bring that Disney magic to every room of your home in our Disney home and office decor category. After all, while we love the movies, we can't spend every moment in front of the screen, enamored with the newest Disney character or feeling nostalgia from our favorite classic ones! All it takes, though, is to close your eyes and imagine your home and visualize where you could use a little extra Disney in your life. 

You wake up in the morning. Your bedroom—is it Disney enough for you!? Well, you can double-check by looking at your pillows, your bedspread, even the lamp sitting near the bedstand. Are these all featuring an iconic Disney character? Is the pillow that you rest your head upon shaped like one of them? Well, if not, we're happy to step in and fix that problem with our Disney home decor. We've got a great line of sheet sets, comforters, fleece throws, and even a few Pillow Pets that would love to serve the role of a plushy character as well as a snuggly pillow for you and yours to rest your head upon. You'll love all these Disney room decor items! 

Next, check your dresser. You know, that space on top of it that is so good at collecting empty air? Well, imagine it doing the fantastic work of showing off some Disney character snow globes instead! Stretch and grab some of your Disney clothing and then look up to see Ariel, Jasmine, or Buzz giving you a bright smile to send you off on your day. You know that's bound to be part of a whole new world of fun and beyond! (See what we did there?) 

Now it's time for breakfast, right!? Well, your Disney wishes are granted thanks to some Disney kitchen decor and Disney appliances themed after your favorite characters. Have a wish for some breakfast tea? How about you give a rub on Genie's lamp sitting on your counter and ask Mickey Mouse to help you out with some fresh coffee, a waffle, and then bask in the glory of a morning starting on the right foot! It's pretty easy to have no worries where you're looking at the perfect start of a day, Hakuna Matata style with a Lion King coffee mug! 

But, we know your day isn't all Disney fun and games. You've got work, maybe some classes. The kids have school. Maybe you work at a school! There's a lot of stuff to get done! But, it doesn't have to feel like work when you've got your lunch to look forward to... all thanks to the Disney lunch boxes that you've got at the ready! 

When it's time to relax at the end of the day, you'll have Disney memorabilia, collectibles, and artwork to look up to while you kick your heels up on your table decorated with Disney coffee table books and smile at that one perfect piece of Disney decor that brings everything together! 

With our wide selection of Disney home and office products, you'll no doubt find that one item that puts that sparkle in the room. Take a look and find that favorite Disney artifact that you didn't know you needed! 

Top Five Disney Décor for the Office

Disney movies aren’t just for children. Disney movies are for hopeless romantics, nostalgia junkies, and animation enthusiasts. Disney movies are for everyone! Don’t dim down your love for Disney when you’re hard at work in the office. Show Accounting and HR that you’re 100% devoted to Disney even when you’re shuffling papers and making important calls. When you’re surrounded by Disney décor, every day ends ‘happily ever after,’ even if you’re a little stressed and really tired. One quick glance at a favorite Mickey Mouse mug on your office desk and you’ll be reminded of the magical world of Disney. What a wonderful place!

The top five categories of Disney décor for the office are listed below. If you always want a dash of Disney in your life, whether you’re sipping a cup of coffee or making lunch in the breakroom, make sure to pick up a product from each category!

5. Disney Mugs

Disney Villains Mugs

Are you looking to enchant your co-workers (and even your boss) each and every morning? Great, we have the best Disney mugs specifically for that reason! Our one-of-a-kind ceramic Disney mugs might go missing from the breakroom because they’re durable and beautiful. Sip your morning cup of coffee or tea and picture yourself as your favorite Disney character – or villain. Are you on the quest for power like a villain or waiting to be rescued like a princess? Of course, decide after drinking your morning cup of coffee for the best results!

4. Disney Appliances

Disney Kitchen Appliances

Thank goodness for lunchtime! It’s a time to clear your head and fill your belly, and with Disney appliances, your favorite snacks and lunches will be even tastier. (We didn’t think it was possible either!) Will each ham sandwich bite taste a little more magical if the bread is toasted in a bright red Mickey Mouse toaster? We think so! Brussel sprouts even taste better when eating from Disney-themed plates and spoons. With Disney appliances, you’ll never have a bad meal again.

3. Disney Toys

Disney Toys

Take a break from working so hard to put together a Disney puzzle in an open place like the breakroom. Like Disney movies, Disney toys aren’t just for children, they’re for everyone! We bet co-workers will want to join in on the fun too, winning you more friends while building healthy relationships. Adorn your work station with Disney toys and collectibles so you feel more comfortable while you’re crunching numbers. The Disney figures and statues will make it so you never feel alone in the office.

2. Disney Books

Disney Books

Take a break from reading and typing to look at beautiful animation on glossy pages. Our selection of Disney books feature the timeless stories you grew up with as a kid. They’re perfect for children who love reading before bed or adults who want to brush up on their Disney knowledge. You never know when Disney facts will come in handy for trivia night.

1. Disney Teapot Sets

Disney Teapot Set

Care for a spot of tea? You’ll be sipping in style when you brew a batch of black tea with any of our Disney teapots. They make great gifts for Disney lovers and children. Girls will love having a tea party for their family, friends, and dollies too if they’re using a teapot featuring a beloved Disney princess. Teapots are one of our favorite gifts for Disney lovers!

Top Five Disney Home Décor

Turn your personal palace into the Magic Kingdom! Disney room décor will make any bedroom come to life. Actually, any room in the house will be sprinkled with a splash of Disney wonder thanks to our top five list of Disney home décor. Purchase them for yourself or give them as felicitous Disney gifts for adults. It’s like giving the gift of childhood!

5. Disney Character Mugs

Disney Character Mugs

Wake up each morning with all your favorite cartoon characters! It’s the best way to wake up, especially if your alarm clock goes off early. Pay homage to iconic characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey too with officially licensed Disney mugs featuring their likeness. They always look great displayed on a counter as Disney room décor. Visions of whistling birds and singing princesses may fill your imagination. How lovely!

4. Disney Cups & Tumblers

Disney Cups

Take big gulps with Disney cups! Kids will love pouring their very own glass of healthy juice inside tumblers or sippy cups. (How grown up!) Entertaining a room full of guests or a children’s party with Disney cups is always a splendid idea. Everyone will recognize the illustrated character featured on their glass. Every sip is like having a drink with an old friend.

3. Disney Dishware

Disney Dishware

Time to chow down! Set the table with Disney dishware to prepare for a happily ever after each and every morning, noon, or night. Use the officially licensed dishware when company comes over or when dining alone. Use them for every meal! The lovable characters featured on the Disney kitchen décor will keep you company while munching on scrambled eggs and bacon out on the bistro every Sunday morning.

2. Disney Pillows

Disney Pillows

Become a sleeping beauty in your own right with Disney pillows. Bedeck your bed or couch with soft, plushy versions of some lovable Disney characters. Disney pillows are perfect for long car trips because they’ll support your sleepy head while you doze off. Give one to a friend as a unique Disney gift. Will they inspire Disney dreams? We sure hope so!

1. Disney Bedding

Disney Bedding

Snuggling is more fun with Minnie Mouse! Disney room décor is always high-quality, soft, and features cute images of your favorite characters. All Disney bedding compliments any kids room filled with stuffed plush toys (which is basically every kid’s room). A coordinating pillowcase and twin sheet usually come with the ultra-comfortable bedspread. Kids sleep better when they’re tucked inside Disney bedding.

Disney Christmas Decorations

Mickey and Minnie Mouse know a thing or two about spreading joy! Help spread holiday joy by adding Disney Christmas decorations to your family’s living space. Their smiling faces blended amongst Disney stockings, wreaths, and presents will make all your yuletide dreams come true!

Disney Christmas

Disney Christmas Decorations

Sorry Santa, Mickey Mouse is here to steal your thunder this holiday season. Disney-obsessed families will love the infamous Mouse couple appearing on lush, red fabric, white trim and sparkly accents. Use the Mickey skirt to highlight all the presents surrounding the decorated tree. They will accent your Mickey Mouse snow globe perfectly!

Disney Gifts for Adults

What do you give a friend as a birthday present? The same thing you’d give a 7-year old! Disney gifts for adults are heartfelt and personable. Give them as a graduation or anniversary gift. All of the following are unique Disney gifts to showcase in a community area like the kitchen or living room. Cooking and baking are more fun with Disney appliances!

Aladdin Cookie Jar

Disney Cookie Jar

Would you trust Aladdin with your freshly-baked cookies? Put them in the Aladdin cookie jar so no one can snatch them. (Especially that jerk, Jafar!) The beautifully painted ceramic cookie jar is a miniature version of the legendary palace. The top opens up to hold any sweet snacks you don’t want to be stolen. It offsets Aladdin and Jasmine dinner plates perfectly.

Mickey Mouse Coffee Mug

Mickey Mouse Coffee Mug

We love a good heat activated mug! Sit down for your morning cup of coffee with this hand-wash only Mickey Mouse mug. Magical images appear and disappear depending on the temperature of the liquid. Drinking from Mickey mugs make for magical mornings! (Say that 5x fast!)

Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker

Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker

Don’t worry about dinner, Mickey has it under control! The Mickey Mouse slow cooker will make sure pot roasts and beef stews are cooked to perfection when you’re busy. This nifty little gadget is a kitchen-must! It’s a 5-quart cookie with an adjustable temperature dial. It’s made of ceramic stoneware with a cute, mouse-head topper. When Mickey Mouse is in charge of dinner, you never have to worry!

Minnie Mouse Cooler

Minnie Mouse Cooler

If you’re going on a picnic, Minnie wants to come along! Introducing the perfect picnic partner: a Minnie Mouse cooler. It conveniently holds all your food necessities inside the zippered pocket while the straps hang comfortably off your shoulder, great for a stroll through the park. A handy moisture-resistant interior helps with clean-up while the exterior has a sturdy canvas outer shell.

Disney Snow Globes

How to Decorate with Disney Snow Globes

Shake up your world with Disney snow globes. They’re enchanting gadgets that make fantastic Disney wedding gifts for the newlyweds in your life. Shake them up and watch glitter, or fake snow, fall around the ceramic figures you know and love. Many of these Disney snow globes play melodic tunes fans will recognize from the movies.

Snow globes are great because they look whimsical anywhere and everywhere. Set them in a window so glass domes catch the sunlight and cast rainbows on the walls. The golden and sculpted bases give a polished and refined look, fitting to display on a living room shelf.

You know what else looks great on a bookshelf? A snow globe. A snow globe on a bookshelf gives literary collections an extra touch of magic and pizzazz. Use a Disney snow globe as a bookend! Get creative with your Disney décor. Walt approves!

A snow globe on a desk has the power to whisk you off to another place! The next time you want to get out of the office, just give your snow globe a shake. Now you’re far, far away hanging out with Ariel or Buzz Lightyear. What an enchanting little gadget. Keep a snow globe on a desk to get carried away whenever you’d like.

Snow globes make great Christmas décor but they also look breathtaking on a shelf or in a hutch. Set a snow globe on a mantel and watch it pull the whole room together. Everyone entering your home will remember the shining, glistening snow globe placed in between your beautiful family pictures.

Snow Globe on a Book Shelf

Beauty and the Beast Snow Globe

Snow Globe on a Desk

Little Mermaid Snow Globe

Snow Globe on a Mantel

Toy Story Snow Globe

Disney Halloween Decorations

It’s about time for the magical world of Disney to get a little spooky. Mickey and his crew want to help scare the neighbors this Halloween so he’s pulling out all the stops. Our wide selection of outdoor and indoor Disney Halloween decorations combine cute with creepy, creating a charming appearance that may spark a few screams.

Nightmare Before Christmas Décor

Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas décor adds some zest to the lifeless skeleton props decorating your home this October. For a corpse, Jack Skellington has a lot of gusto! The Lock, Shock, and Barrel treehouse and Jack Skeleton building have power cords that plug into outlets so they light up. They look great illuminating a porch window or mantle place. Offset these gorgeous Disney collectibles with a Sally Halloween statue. She’s wearing her signature patchwork dress and looks jazzed to be freed from Dr. Finkelstein.

Disney Home and Office FAQs

Any questions? Great, we have Disney home and office FAQs listed below. Read through them before making your final purchase. We’re basically Disney know-it-alls around here so we’ll gladly answer any questions. We also love talking Disney. Being informed helps you make your final selections!

What are Disney Decorations?

Disney decorations are officially licensed statues, props, bedding, collectibles, appliances, and trinkets featuring your favorite characters. Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, and Cinderella can all be fixtures in your home thanks to Disney decorations. Decorate your office, living room, or bedroom with the beloved characters you grew up with.

What’s the best way to have a Disney Christmas?

Inviting Mickey and Minnie to your home is the best way to have a Disney Christmas. Those two know how to spread love! Use Disney Christmas decorations to make the holidays merrier and brighter. If your heart is filled with love on Christmas day, congrats, you’re having a Disney Christmas!

What’s the best way to have a Disney Halloween?

Casting a spell and making a potion is the best way to have a Disney Halloween! Just kidding! Opening your home up to the Pumpkin King and his queen Sally is a certified way to get spooky this October. Incorporate The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations with your other creepy décor to have the best Disney Halloween ever!

Do you have exclusive Disney products?

If you’re interested in exclusive Disney products, check out our costumes and Loungefly accessories!

What was the first Mickey Mouse product?

A writing tablet was the first Mickey Mouse product. Gosh, that’s a neat fact!