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If you’re looking for a charming and versatile Halloween costume, our selection of deer costumes has you covered! From dashing reindeer to prize buck, these available costumes and accessories will get you looking a-doe-able! So, whether you’re putting together a clever deer hunter look or want to show the world how en-deer-ing your toddler can be, hit your mark with a deer costume from us!
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Products 1 - 20 of 20

Remember when everyone you knew was snapping pictures of themselves looking like a deer? Photo filters are fun! But maybe you caught the craze as it was prancing away. Perhaps you got to filter your face just a couple of times before it was time for something wilder, like seeing how you’d look as the opposite sex. Either way, you miss that adorable trend.

Or perhaps, photo filters didn’t put the charms of deer on your radar. You’d probably seen a deer well before photo-sending apps had all your friends being goofy. And you’ve always been aware of how sweet their big eyes and flippy white tail looks in an open field. You may have been seeing the deer through a scope, but even hunters appreciate the frolicking sweeties.

Anyway, whether you’re a selfie-queen, buck hunter, or first-time parent, our selection of deer costumes is here to make Halloween trophy-worthy!

Bring back the whimsical doe-eyed deer filter with our selection. From velour tunics fit for a young fawn to sexy deer costumes that fit like a second hide, you and yours will look serene in our available costumes. Up the coziness factor for a chilly Halloween with reindeer costumes that are just as dashing. Just don’t forget to accessorize! A selection of costume antlers pair well with all of our deer costumes and are perfect for creating that a-doe-able Halloween makeup look (makeup not included).

On the hunt for a first-place win at this year’s costume contest? Try a deer hunter costume! You’ve got all the camo and orange vests. All you need is the deer. You can go the traditional deer hunter route using a couple’s costume—you or yours dons the hunting vest while the other slips into a solid pair of antlers and spots. Or you can combine the roles for a witty take on the popular look. With our variety of fits and styles, you’ll easily find the deer costume to fit under your camouflage.

Love the idea of a deer costume, but not for trends? Stick to the simple deer onesie and maybe a touch of black grease paint to make a deer nose. From infant to child and on to adult, we have options for the whole family. Your baby would look more precious than ever in our exclusive baby deer costume, while your precocious 10-year old will do everything they can to work their costume into their everyday wardrobe. And we know you’ll love the variety of shapes for your deer costume. With loose pajama-like fits, body-hugging one-pieces, and flirty hooded-dresses to choose from, you may find yourself looking for an excuse to wear these playful looks for more than Halloween too!

Whether for trend’s sake or your own reasons, make deer season happen whenever you’d like with our deer costumes!