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It is time to save the city, the world, and all of existence! Fortunately, you'll have these DC Comics Action Figures around to keep everything fun while the world is going to heck. Choose your favorite superheroes and soar off to confront the most notorious villains ever created. We have all the best DC Superhero Figures from everywhere: Gotham and Smallville (and even Star City)!
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

Do you have a favorite DC Comics character? And, if so, do you have a favorite version of them? After that whole Infinite Earth Crisis, it becomes a little more difficult to put a thumb down on what your true favorite may be. But, with our collection of DC Comics Action Figures, you can start to narrow them down. (If nothing else, you can bring them all together and see which one can take the others out!) 

Naturally, you have to start with Superman. We've had a lot of different kinds of Clark Kent out there. Actually, we should start right there. Clark is, himself, a totally different version of the First Son of Krypton. He doesn't usually get a whole lot of action in his reporter identity, but he's still got every one of his powers. That's right: those glasses are all optional! But, when his DNA gets mussed up in Smallville, you're going to see the metal-faced Bizarro who gets broken up by the yellow sun. Put these guys face to face with some Superman action figures to see who is the true mightiest Man of Steel. 

Wonder Woman, the Flash, Shazam, and Aquaman all have their various unique powers to throw into any situation. Bring their iconic looks and some of their gear to reenact your favorite moments from their movies, play out the ultimate comic book moments, or give them a chance to put together a Justice League that won't get devoured by a mysterious time vortex. (We're looking at you, Flash!) 

Of all the members, the guy who tends to go isolation mode is the Dark Knight. Batman seems to reside in Gotham most of his days, but he makes up the genius part of the Justice League, too. Of course, the best reason to get a Batman action figure is to gear up in all of his amazing tech. No need to run back to the Batcave when you've got an adventure to go on. You can just grab your favorite setup and bring the hurt to the Joker! Head out in the Batmobile... or turn the keys over to the newest heroes: the Birds of Prey!

Speaking of baddies, you can't really throw a bunch of heroes for a loop if you don't have the villains that drive them batty. From Harley Quinn to the Joker, we have Villain action figures that will help you come up with dastardly plans that could trick even the most famous detective of all. 

Keep them in their boxes as DC Comics collectibles or set up the playsets so you and the kiddos can keep telling stories long after the films have come to an end.