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The Dark Crystal Skeksis High Top Shoes
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Fizzgig Dark Crystal Mini Backpack-2
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Dark Crystal Mini Backpack-2
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Jim Henson was truly too good for this world! No other man contributed to the imaginative art of puppetry quite like he did! He started with a humble puppet show on his local television station back in the 1960s. Sam and Friends was a pretty solid hit and he rolled that success into one of the greatest creative careers in the business. Then, he brought us The Muppet Show, which may be the best television series EVER. He cooked up great characters like Kermit the Frog, Rowlf, the piano playing dog, and all the other puppets used in the show. But he didn’t stop there. Jim went on to create one of the most imaginative movies ever made, The Dark Crystal.

The Dark Crystal takes us on a journey through the mystical world of Thra. There, strange creatures and magical forces live in a delicate balance between good and evil. The malevolent Skeksis wish to use the power of the Dark Crystal to keep thriving, while the Mystics seek to restore balance and harmony to their world. The Gelflings suffered a tragic fate at the hands of the Skeksis, and the main plot of the film centers around the two remaining Gelflings on the world, Jen and Kira. Of course, this imaginative land was further enhanced by Jim Henson’s puppetry.

To say that we’re fans of The Dark Crystal is putting it lightly! We’ve been admiring everything about it for decades and we’ve brought together some of the coolest collectibles to prove it. We also carry plenty of apparel and decorations based on the film as well.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this is that many of our products are made by our very own product designers! For those looking to wear their love of the movie, we carry ugly Christmas sweaters with unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. They have vibrant colors and a comfortable fit, so any fan will be excited to wear them. We also have exclusive Dark Crystal decorations that you can use on your Christmas tree, or just as a decoration for your room. For anyone looking to expand their collection, we also carry plenty of Funko Pop! vinyl figures based on all the main characters, like Jen, Kira, Chamberlain, Aughra and UrSol the Chanter. We even have an adorable plushie based on Fizzgig cute and friendly monster who barks like a dog! You won’t find a more diverse selection of Dark Crystal items anywhere else!

Of course, if you’re looking for Dark Crystal gifts, then look no further! All of our items based on the Jim Henson movie make for ideal gifts! Any Dark Crystal fan in your life will love getting one of our sweaters, or collectibles. If there are any Dark Crystal items you’d like to see in the future, be sure to send an email to us! We’re always looking for new ways to expand our selection of Dark Crystal collectibles, and we’re always looking to make a few new fans in the world!