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Cause a dalmatian sensation with costumes from our selection! From Pongo and Perdita to Marshall, our dalmatian costumes help bring the spotted pups back into the spotlight. Get your kiddo suited up as their favorite PAW Patrol character. Inspire new adventures with our exclusive dalmatian jumpsuits. Or complete your 101 Dalmatians group look with a classy Cruella costume.
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Products 1 - 37 of 37

Dogs are called man’s best friend. But don’t you ever wonder if there’s a ranking system within the dogs’ world? Is a Chihuahua better than a Sharpei? Are golden retrievers the gold-star standard for big dogs? And what about all those sporty dogs? Greyhounds, whippets, spaniels? Maybe the dogs aren’t doing it, but people sure have thoughts about which dog is best. All we’re here to say is, don’t forget dalmatians.

When’s the last time you thought about these spotted pups? Was it when Disney announced a Cruella follow-up to their 101 Dalmatians classic? Or maybe your kiddo is obsessed with Paw Patrol’s Marshall, so they’re never far from your attention. Either way, you have to admit they’re an exciting breed of dog, and they deserve more attention.

Make dalmatians the star of the show with dalmatian Halloween costumes from us! This limited collection offers everything you need to become your favorite speckled rascal or create a dalmatian look of your own. Are you looking for dalmatian costume ideas? We’ve got you covered! Continue reading to hear a few ways we’d put these looks to work!

If you’re looking for the final piece to a group 101 Dalmatians costume, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got Patch, Pongo, and Perdita accessory kits that make getting into character a breeze for the family. And if the occasion calls, Ms. DeVil can join your crew with costume options for her too. Or expand your group up to that wild 101 with our exclusive dalmatian suits.

With inclusive sizes from 12M toddler to men’s 6X, you and yours and theirs can cause a dalmatian sensation. Built as one-piece costumes, these exclusive costumes are perfect on their own or as part of a layered look. And while firefighter pups like Marshall may beg you to pick a red helmet and jacket—maybe a green hose for accessories—you can take this simple look as far as you want. Turn the tables on Cruella and dress in her stylish clothes. Play a game of animals that match and trick-or-treat with a cow—see if people can tell the difference. Accompany your sweetheart as the dalmatian to their firefighter, instead of becoming the firefighter. Or surprise us with something completely original! With a costume selection as diverse as the one available here, we’re sure you’ll find the inspiration that gets your dalmatian concept up and running!

We’re not saying dalmatians are the best. All dogs are perfect. But, there are few as recognizable as dalmatians. So, whether you’re going for rockstar doggo status or you’re just after a cute Halloween costume that the entire family will love, you can’t go wrong with our dalmatian selection!