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When it comes to possessed dolls, skeptics and believers alike can’t argue Chucky’s existence, especially when he marches down the street on Halloween. Bring Chucky to life for fans and naysayers with a Chucky costume or Bride of Chucky costume from our selection. Whether you frighten your neighbors or act as Play Pals intended, you’re sure to feel like one of the Good Guys in any of these ensembles!
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Mens Childs Play Chucky Costume
Products 1 - 8 of 8

Dolls, possession, heroes, villains, and countless moments of good campy horror movie fun have kept Chucky kicking (and screaming) for decades. Now, instead of bringing just a stationary, no nonsense, plastic replica of your favorite Good Guys doll home—because you know you’d need to install a new shelf to hold another one—you can become the tiny terror for Halloween!

Don’t worry about if your costume is too cute or too scary this year, with a Chucky costume you’ve got the best of both extremes, after all, Chucky did start out as a child’s plaything. From the outfit to his would-be sweet face, we’ve got the costume pieces and accessories needed to get you looking just like the murderous toy. Continue reading to learn about some of the Chucky and Bride of Chucky costumes we have in store for you!

Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of a Chucky Halloween costume? Okay, maybe it’s not really that big of a deal, but there are lots of fans that expect a certain level of spooky kookiness out of anyone masquerading as Chucky, so we hope you and yours are ready emotionally—we’ll help with the rest!

Start your Halloween look off right with the Chucky doll costume that suits your needs best. From Chucky costumes for adults to kids’ Chucky costumes and all the accessories, we have what you need! You’ll look like you’ve walked right off the toy factory line in either of our men’s Chucky costume or plus size Chucky costume. With the familiar striped and printed overalls and a perfectly terrifying mask, this easy-to-wear (and scare) costume even comes ready as a boy’s Chucky costume for the young horror movie aficionado in your life!

Make sure your Good Guys doll has a solid companion for some trick-or-treat fun with a Bride of Chucky Halloween costume. Tiffany, bride of Chucky is ready to leap back into action just like her leading man with a costume from our selection! Then accessorize your Chucky and Tiffany costume with the play weapons, Halloween makeup, or wig you need to really sell your Good Guys look!

Show your love for the Child’s Play series all year round with a Chucky costume shirt or prop replica that would be perfect for display or to pair with your Chucky and Bride of Chucky costume!

Create your own sexy Chucky costume with the accessories available here. A pair of white stockings paired with Chucky’s or Tiffany’s signature pieces creates a deadly alluring women’s chucky costume.

Or get your little ones in on the pop culture phenomenon with a Chucky Halloween costume toddlers will think is just their favorite toy come to life!

Whether you’re looking for a costume kids will think is both spooky and sweet or to create the toddler Chucky costume you’ve been dreaming of, you’ve come to the right place!

Chucky Halloween Costumes

If you’re a fan of horror movies, perhaps you’re not so far from being a cosplay fan, too. Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween, heading to the ultimate geeky convention, or just want to add a few extra screams to your movie marathon, you’re sure to love our collection of Child’s Play costumes. Chucky and Tiffany make for an iconic couple’s costume… and the best part is you can just swap your spirit around when you’re ready to slip into another role!

Tiffany Bride of Chucky Doll Costume

Bride of Chucky Costume

You might be surprised by this beginning. You see that we're starting right off talking Tiffany, bride of Chucky. Doll, killer, or sweetheart of the ages, we can't deny that this gal has captured all our hearts, even more than the soul-swapping serial killer who started the series. Is it her optimism? Her conflicted heart? The combo of a bridal gown and a leather jacket? It could be any or all of this but, either way, we know you'll have fun wearing this costume.

Chucky Good Guy Doll Costume

Chucky Costume

Viewers had to find the combination of an evil doll and an outfit calling him a "Good Guy" to be a bit of a contradiction. Perhaps that's why Child's Play was so good! If you love the iconic look of Chucky's stained overalls and wicked grin, you can't go wrong with a Chucky costume. Buy an outfit and combine it with a wig, mask, or even a faux machete to bring this wicked wonder to life. (Just remember that toddler sizes are a great surprise but hold off on the movie!)

Child’s Play Chucky Doll Dog Costume

Chucky Dog Costume

Do you have a doggie who likes to get in on the fun? Well, if someone like Charles Lee Ray can body swap his soul, there's no reason that a furry friend couldn't enjoy an evening dressed in a Chucky dog costume. Just imagine! Instead of a blood-thirsty killer on the loose in a dolled-up disguise, your pet will be chasing after treats. Twice as cute and the only danger is a bit of slobber on your outfit. (On second thought, better bring some treats along, too.)

Heart of Damballa Child’s Play Necklace

Heart of Damballa Amulet

However scary Chucky might seem, without his mystical pendant, he isn't quite the threat he could be. The Heart of Damballa is the key to all of his strange soul-swapping. Of course, if you're looking at creating the ultimate costume, be sure to add this to your outfit. Worn around the neck or hung at your side, it'll give you just the authentic edge you're looking for. Just remember the words: Ade due Damballa; make this costume complete, I beg you!