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Christmas Tree Toppers

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Whether you deck every hall with boughs of holly or fa-la-la-la-light just your Christmas tree, your decorating isn’t complete without a tree topper. From angels and stars to ostriches and Sith Lords, our selection of unique Christmas tree toppers is here for you! Start a new tradition or find the topper that sparkles with nostalgia when you shop with us!
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Zelda Triforce Light-Up Tree Topper
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Santa Pigeon Tree Topper
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Yoda Tree Topper
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Christmas Vacation Tree Topper
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Products 1 - 22 of 22

Growing up, you always wanted to be the lucky one and place the topper on the Christmas tree. Being raised into the air and still needing to stretch your little arms to reach the tree’s crown was thrilling. Upon returning to the floor, your reward for a job well done was seeing that pin-straight angel or star glow when the lights were finally plugged in. Now, as an adult, you either always get to place the tree topper or pass the tradition down to your children, and you couldn’t be happier.

All that you need is an ornament or two that will claim the top spot. An angel is always lovely, a star bright and twinkly. But what about something a little out of left field? Or perhaps a Christmas tree topper that celebrates you and your family’s favorite movies? A tree topper unique to each member of the family, maybe? What a special treat that would be for the little one being lifted to the top. With our selection of tree toppers, you’ll have those options and more to make every Christmas season merry and bright!

Take a walk down memory lane with golden glowing angels that offer light on even the darkest winter night. With faux feather or glittered wings and ivory or tartan gowns, each of our angel tree toppers look like heave sent them straight to us!

Maybe you’d prefer to marvel at the stars from the comfort of your warm living room. Choose a Christmas tree star topper from our selection. Opaque glass and metal seams create sparkling simple or ornate options. Display blended religious roots with a blue Star of David that celebrates Hanukkah right alongside Christmas. Or give a shout-out to your favorite NFL team—maybe even the one that plays on Christmas day!

Are you looking for something playful? Prefer a secular pop culture tree topper? We’ve got plenty to choose from to suit your needs! Mickey and Yoda wielding candy canes and lightsabers mingle with classic characters from your favorite Rankin/Bass holiday special and more modern TV icons as well. With a look through our selection, you’re sure to find the crowning jewel for your Christmas tree!

Whether you need a new angel to top your tree or your youngest wants to adorn the tippy-top with their favorite character, we’ve got the selection of toppers you’re looking for. Didn’t find the perfect ornament? Don’t lose that infectious Christmas cheer! We’re always adding shiny new options to our selections. So, check back often to discover your next glittering decoration. After all, when you shop with us, you’re always in for tons of fun!