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Products 1 - 5 of 5

At the annual family Christmas party, it didn't matter everyone knew Uncle Terry was impersonating Santa because it made us all smile. He came bubbling through the front door with a bag full of gifts, belting "ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas" through slightly slurred speech (Nana's eggnog is deadly) to fill our hearts with the holiday spirit and imprint timeless memories in our brains. Christmas costumes helped to make this yearly happening possible (and Nana's eggnog too.) Christmas costumes inspire the memories many can relate too. For instance, as a child, remember waiting in line to sit on a mall Santa's lap? Of course, you do! How could anyone forget such an odd tradition involving strangers, laps, fake beard and moms snapping photos? Is there a baby picture of you bawling on a mall Santa's lap? Us too; it's probably even out there in cyberspace, shared on social media or circulating in a chat room.

Anyway, the point is, these family memories are so special in large part due to Christmas costumes. Luckily, has a wide selection of Christmas-themed costumes for men, women, and children so Christmas card photos dressed as Santa, Mrs. Claus and elf helpers possible. This year, the entire extended family is in for a real treat when they check their mailbox!  

Whoever dresses as Santa (ahem, dad, ahem) has many different Santa suits to choose from. Our deluxe Santa suit has luxurious white faux fur and comes with boot tops, although the lush, fluffy-white beard is sold separately (but also sold on Women can also impersonate Santa with our progressive Sweet Santa costume, a high-quality Santa suit made specifically for women. Wearing a white beard is completely up to you.

We also have plenty of Mrs. Claus costumes to choose from. Ladies can go the 'sexy route' and wear a red dress featuring a deep-V neckline, short fur-trim hemline, and topped off with an included pom-pom hat. Dress up as the animal responsible for saving Christmas, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, by picking up any of our comfy and cozy reindeer costumes. Also available, a kid's costume making it appear as though Santa and Rudolph are prancing in unison—it creates a cool holiday illusion. Another unique Christmas costume is the Christmas tree costume. This uh, rather interesting costume transforms humans into a larger-than-life, cartoonish Douglas Fir, complete with box-shaped shoe covers that turn your tootsies into presents. 

Last but not least, we have a vast selection of elf costumes for everyone. Look like a classic workshop elf who stays busy by assembling tiny trinkets for tots with red and white striped stockings, a green belt, topped off by a matching pom-pom hat. Don't forget to check out our pointy elf shoes so you can be all-elf from head-to-toe. Go Christmas caroling with your friends and family members dressed as Santa's elves and have a ton of holiday fun! 

Whatever costumes you decide on, leave a review and/or attach a picture! We'd love to see you and your family dressed as Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf, or even a decorated tree smiling and filled with glee. (Hey, that rhymes!)