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It's called the gateway game for a reason! With easy mechanics and plenty of expansions, Catan is one of the most popular board games in the world. New players love it for its ease of play. Experienced players love it for the variety of strategies and politics you can employ to create a path to victory! Check out all of our Catan board games and expansions to add to your collection of games!
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Catan- 5th Edition Board Game
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

We've all been there. You're at a friend's place and they suggest playing a board game. Immediately, you start having some flashbacks to playing Monopoly as a kid and you agree, but secretly, you're not really expecting to have much fun. They break out a strange game that you've never heard of before, called Settles of Catan and sure enough, it has those weird little house game pieces, just like Monopoly. Then, something happens. Your friend starts explaining the game and it seems like a lot to take in... and you feel nervous as you roll the dice for the first time. You collect some wheat, you build some roads, and you slowing build your path to victory.

Whether or not you end up winning your first game, you find yourself hungry for more! You start concocting strategies in your head. You ponder the best starting positions in your spare time. You start seeing hexagon-shaped map pieces in your dreams. Maybe you even start texting your friend frantically about when the next board game night will be. It's natural. Everyone gets a little Catan obsessed after their first game! It all happened to us and now, all this time later, we're still playing the amazing board game. But, now, it's time to upgrade to your own copy of Catan. The hit board game is a must-have in any gamer's collection and we have tons of options for the Catan-crazy out there!

We started with the classic Catan game. If you're new to Catan, or if you just want a traditional experience, then this is the game for you. Nothing wrong with getting back to basics when it comes to board gaming. Of course, if you're a slightly more experienced Catan player, then you might want to add a dash of extra mechanics to the mix. That means you might want to upgrade your game with one of our Catan expansions. Explorers and Pirates adds a seafaring mechanic to the game and Cities and Knights has you trying to build up proper defenses against attack. If board game night becomes so popular that you find yourself with more than 4 players on the regular, you can get our 5 to 6 player expansion, which allows for more players!

What about trying something that completely turns the original game on its head? Well, give some of our alternate Catan games a try. Our Game of Thrones edition has you in control of territories in the frozen North, as you try to collect resources and fight off invaders. The Catan Junior game is a variant that's stripped down and accommodating to younger players, and Rise of the Inkas has a little bit of South American history infused into the gameplay.

Hosting board game night is easy with our selection of Catan board games. They're an easy choice for any gamer, whether you're just starting your collection of games or you're an experienced gamer.