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Care Bears Costumes

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Are you ready for a trip to Care-a-Lot? Well, these Care Bears costumes will have you feeling like one of the many critters from the classic 1980s cartoon! From Cheer Bear, to Good Luck Bear, and Grumpy Bear, we have ALL of the characters you could want. We even have them in just about any size, from toddlers, to standard adult sizes, and even a plus sizes!
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The Care Bears certainly have a history of being cute, cuddly, and (obviously) caring. These soft and sweet bears (and the other animals that make up their cousins) have been tickling us pink for around forty years! It's hard to imagine that these cuties are that old. But, if anyone is going to show us how to stay young at heart, it is likely going to be a group of critters that know all about hearts in the first place!

Most folks know that the Care Bears started out as characters on greeting cards. If you didn't—surprise!—they were created in 1981 initially with ten of the iconic characters who've stuck with us ever since. The first lot of Care Bears included Tenderheart Bear leading up the crew, along with Love-a-lot Bear, Good Luck Bear, Funshine Bear, Friend Bear, Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Wish Bear, Birthday Bear, and, of course, Grumpy Bear. A couple of years later, we'd find them as plushy stuffed teddy bears and by 1987, we'd have five movies and be halfway through their first TV series. 

There would eventually be over 50 different Care Bears. We also got to know 11 Care Cousins, including Brave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon, Cozy Heart Penguin, Gentle Heart Lamb, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Loyal Heart Dog, Noble Heart Horse, Playful Heart Monkey, Proud Heart Cat, Swift Heart Rabbit, and Treat Heart Pig. 

Now it's time to get to know your favorite character of all by picking up a Care Bears costume. We have a wide variety of plushy costumes all crafted from custom fur, featuring bright colors and the unique belly badges of dozens of denizens from the Kingdom of Caring. You can enjoy a look all your own or create a fantastic group costume so everyone can line up and unleash the powerful Care Bear Stare. 

But, how do you choose which character costume is right? Well, it helps to know that most of the characters have some special powers that are all their own. Did you know that Wish Bear is a great friend with the Wishing Star and can help to grant actual wishes to those with a giving heart? Bedtime Bear might seem a little narcoleptic, but he's actually the one that helps give people good dreams by watching over everyone at nighttime. Friend Bear has the amazing ability to understand all languages, everywhere. (That's pretty important when it comes to making new friends, after all.) Grumpy Bear isn't left out of the signature powers, either. While he seems to be the one who doesn't care at all, Grumpy knows how to find the silver lining in all of our cloudy days to show us how to appreciate the gloom, too! 

Develop your special powers and feel cozy the whole time when you hop into one of our bright and delightful Care Bear costumes. Officially licensed and Made by Us, you'll find that these costumes are perfect whether you loved them in the '80s or just started the fun with the newest CGI shows. 

Care Bears Halloween Costumes

It all started in the 1980s. Folks wanted to send their heartfelt sentiments and needed to incorporate the classic teddy bear into the mix. Suddenly, we were whisked over the clouds and given the gift of the Care Bears! Each of these lovable and cuddly characters came in a variety of different colors, sporting a unique belly badge on their tummies that gave them magic powers. Naturally, these adorable greeting card characters evolved into an epic television series, three feature films, and a couple of adapted revival series, too!

With all the variety of characters and adventures to enjoy, how could we not get our FUN design team to make a whole bunch of the best Care Bear Halloween costumes out there? Now is the time to figure out your favorite! Browse through this collection to find your favorite Care Bear costumes and start on your adventure!

Care Bears Onesies

Care Bears Onesies

There’s nothing quite like a costume onesie to combine a cute costume with a comfy outfit! Loungewear is all about kicking back to your favorite TV or video game and union suits make it possible to make it to your costume party with ease! When you combine all that with Care Bears cuteness, you have the opportunity to celebrate cartoon history while showing off your favorite personality traits, too. How?

Well, each Care Bear has their own unique Belly Badge right on the tummy. If you’re a sleepy sort of fellow, Bedtime Bear’s moon and stars let folks know you’d rather be napping! Perhaps you bring the luck of St. Patrick’s Day with you wherever you go. In that case, Wish Bear is there with a four-leaf clover for all occasions. Pick your favorite occupation, holiday, or even prove you’re the ultimate foodie. There’s sure to be an adult or kid’s Care Bear onesie to bring your inner Bear to life!

Care Bears Character Costumes

You might be asking, “How many Care Bears are there?” You’ll find there are nearly 40 Magic Bears in the new series though they started with 10 Classic Care Bears. There are also nearly a dozen Care Bear Cousins that bring more animal friends into the mix. We’re sure you’ll love them all!

Of course, you have to start somewhere! Might we recommend that you think of your favorite color? While each Care Bear is quite unique, several have the same brightly colored fur! (We’re guessing they are all good friends of Rainbow Brite, in fact!) Once you figure that out, it is easy to spot a Belly Badge that speaks to your heart. We have a great collection of kids, adults, and plus size Care Bear costumes for you, your friends, and your family, too! In no time, you can have a Care Bears group costume that will make a classic Care Bear stare a piece of cake!

Grumpy Bear Costumes

Grumpy Bear Costumes

Grumpy first showed up in 1982 and he’s been a fan favorite ever since! He can conjure storm clouds that have just enough of a silver lining that everyone is bound to wear a smile, despite his surly attitude. When you buy a Grumpy Bear onesie, you’ll be one of the few Care Bears who have been around in every incarnation! Of course, there are other blue Care Bears onesies to choose from, too. From Bedtime Bear to Wish Bear, there are a number of these cuddly “carers” who are eager to chase the blues away. (Or even celebrate an occasional sullen attitude.)

Pink Care Bear Onesies

Pink Care Bear Onesies

Pink is among the brightest colors out there. That’s why it makes perfect sense that we have several pink Care Bear costumes, too! You can start with Cheer Bear. Her rainbow Belly Badge debuted among the original ten and lets her create cheer wherever she goes. Joining the ranks of the pink pals are Love-A Lot Bear and even Lotsa Heart Elephant from the Care Bear Cousins! Choose a pink Care Bear if you have a heart full of fun!

Purple Care Bear Onesies

Purple Care Bear Onesies

If you thought that the royal color would be rare, think again! The Care Bears seem to know that the richness of purple proves the presence of a powerful heart, indeed! Share Bear is also from the original ten and makes for a perfect purple Care Bear costume, especially with her heart-shaped lollipop Belly Badge. She’s not alone, though. Bright Heart Raccoon and Cozy Heart Penguin also sport perfectly purple fur. They’re all best of friends!

Yellow Care Bear Onesies

Yellow Care Bear Onesies

Care Bears usually require a sunny disposition. (Don’t tell Grumpy!) Of course, when the clouds are out, you can always pick up a yellow Care Bear costume to keep things bright no matter the season! Funshine Bear brings a smiling sun and Birthday Bear is perfect at every birthday party. If you prefer a richer tone to your fur, Friend Bear, Tenderheart, and even Brave Heart Lion mean you can sport a coat of gold, orange, or brown fur as well!

Green Care Bear Onesies

Green Care Bear Onesies

Green is a color that can get anyone in a good attitude. It is the color of luck and prosperity. So, if you want a bit of luck to shine your way, get yourself a Good Luck Bear costume! That shiny shamrock isn’t just for looks. It is there to grant wishes for fun. In fact, we think that Wish Bear’s turquoise fur makes her an honorary green Bear, too! Join up with the rarest of Care Bears when you unite these two for an epic night of fun!

Kid's Care Bears Costumes

Obviously, characters like the Care Bears are perfect for folks of any age. Still, there’s something about the innocence (and adorability) of the tiniest of our number that brings out the ultimate cuteness of a Care Bear costume! Whether they are getting together for a play date or snuggling in for some TV time, you can buy your kids a Care Bear onesie to ensure that they’re in cozy comfort the whole time! Just like our adult Care Bear costumes, you’ll find a wide variety of colors and characters to choose from. Of course, your tyke will need to settle on a favorite color first!

Baby Care Bears Costumes

Baby Care Bear Costumes

Let’s be honest. There’s something exceptionally cuddly about babies. Is it the chubby cheeks? The tubby tummy? The way their giggles and huggles make our hearts soar? It’s hard to say exactly what makes us grin the way we do whenever they let out a little squee! Now take all that cute energy and put it into an infant Care Bear costume and you’ll see what makes Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs a pair of the best Care Bears out there. In fact, the only thing even more adorable would-be imagining Bedtime and Cheer Bear back when they were crawling around the clouds!

Care Bears Costumes for Toddlers

Care Bears Costumes for Toddlers

When it is time for your kiddos to play imagination games together, it might help to give them a bit of inspiration. Sure, you could just listen to them play Pete the Cat or click Play Again on the most recent song YouTube has to offer. But when you buy a pair of Care Bear Dress Up costumes, you will find you have a couple of toddlers teeming with joy and you get to enjoy some of your own nostalgia for once! You’ll find several Care Bear toddler costumes available and—best yet—the color palettes and animal options mean there is always a perfect pairing!

Care Bears Outfits

Alright, we see where you’re scrolling, now. You love the idea of super-soft and fuzzy-fun Care Bear cosplay. But you’re also looking for some Care Bear outfits that can be worn in warmer weather or out in the open! Well, the Care Bears would tell us never to fear! We have a bunch of Care Bear apparel that will have you grinning just as widely. Look at our variety of Care Bears outfits for sale and add them to your existing costumes or simply wear them out on the town to fly your fandom flag.

Care Bears Costumes for Women

Care Bear Costume Women

While our women’s Care Bear onesies are pretty friggen cute, we have an entirely additional line that lets you be just a bit flirty, too! Jump out of the jumpsuit and into one of our Care Bears rompers or Care Bears sweaters! Character hoods on the rompers or adorable designs and belly badges are all yours in a snap! Great for warm or cooler weather, they’re just the unique outfit that will have you feeling Fun-of-a-Kind!

Care Bears Mascot Costumes

Care Bears Mascot Costume

Perhaps you’re looking to augment your Care Bear costume to the very next level. You might love pulling up the hood to give you a pair of adorable ears, but what happens when you’re trying to let a whole group of kiddos know that the Care Bears are really real? Well, just purchase a Care Bear mascot head! Whether in normal wear or when you pair it with a whole costume, suddenly you’re a real life-sized Care Bear.

Care Bears Hoodie Costumes

Care Bear Costume Hoodie

Sometimes a simple transformation is the best. A big onesie might be crazy comfy but zipping yourself in isn’t always quite fast enough. Fortunately, there are a few Care Bears hoodies that make it super easy. Wear your own jeans and throw on a colorful hoodie. They’re just the kind of outrageous outfit to help you stand out in the crowd and, better yet, they can work as a costume, too! Pull up the hood for adorable ears or just stay cozy throughout your day!

Care Bears T-Shirts

Care Bears Shirt

When trouble is around the corner, take some advice from Tenderheart Bear. Just take a breath and have confidence in your heart. No doubt, you’ll find your way through! That’s how the Care Bears activate the magic of their belly badges. Now, maybe you don’t have yours quite yet, but you can feel like you do with a Care Bears shirt! Wear your favorite color and an adorable icon from your favorite animated animals? Now that’s the way to win!

Care Bears Cosplay Accessories

Care Bears Costume Accessories

If you’d like to feel just a bit dressed up without all the fuss, there’s an easy way to join in the fun. All you need to do is buy a Care Bears accessory to add to your normal outfit. Something as simple as a headband gives you a cute pair of ears. Hair out of your eyes and an easy ticket into a costume party? Score! From face masks, patches, backpacks… and even the snuggliest slippers to escape Care-a-Lot, you’ve got all the amazing options one click away!

Care Bears Hats

Care Bears Hat

The Care Bears always say it is good to wear your heart on your sleeve. Then again, everyone says that. If you want to be just a bit unique and let your head soar in the clouds with the ‘Bears, then we would recommend one of our Care Bear caps or hats! From beanies and baseball caps to cute caps with character faces right on the brim, you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly into your wardrobe. (Plus, we hear it gets chilly in the clouds!)