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Rustbucket or luxury, if the sun is out, cars get hot! Keep cool no matter what you’re driving with our fun selection of car sun shades! Fill your car with aliens, cats, or a hoard of bees while keeping the sun at bay. With our unique selection of these car accessories, you’ll have it made in the shade!
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Whether you love the summer or dread the sunshine, there is nothing worse than climbing into a furnace-hot car. It’s an instant sweat situation. Glasses fog over. Seat belt buckles cause burns. And sunny dispositions turn into red hot misery. Luckily, a very clever person invented sunshades to help keep your ride as cool on the inside as it looks on the outside!

Now, as neat as those shiny mylar or aluminum foil accordion shades look, not everyone wants silver windshields. For no other reason than, “that’s not my style,” you haven’t put a silver sunshade in your car. But, as memories of steaming hot car interiors rush in along with the summer, you know it’s time to adopt the sunshade way of life.

Don’t worry! We’ve got sunshade options that are even more exciting than the shimmering option your grandmother keeps suggesting you buy. And look, we know she swears by it, but maybe that’s because she doesn’t know about our selection. Help yourself and maybe find a new shade for granny when you shop with us!

If you’re going to decorate your vehicle with something that other people can see, you want it to make a statement. Perhaps you want to make a joke that doesn’t need words. Maybe you need to express your love for something. Or you could want to truly freak people out when they pass by your sun-free car. Either way, we’ve got ways to help!

Do the people around you completely refute the idea that aliens exist? Prove them wrong with a family of greys to fill your car. Or leave it to the space-traveling trouble-makers, Rick and Morty, to make your point. One glimpse of either character sitting in your vehicle and people are sure to start questioning how vast the universe is.

Take your menagerie of pets for a ride without worrying about the potential mess with a variety of animal shades. If your co-workers already assume you’re a major cat lady, lean into it! Even if you only have one sweet kitty at home, a car sunshade that makes it look like you’re keeping a feline zoo is the kind of humor anyone can enjoy. However, a pack of wild squirrels might cause a more exciting reaction.

Can’t decide if you want to ride with the teens of Riverdale or some golden girls? Grab more than one cool sunshade! One day your car will look like rubber chickens are driving it, and the next, you can shock people with an overwhelming swarm of bees behind the wheel. Can’t find the option that speaks your language? We’re always looking to update our selection, so check back often and discover the sunshade that works for you!