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Captain Phasma Gifts

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Products 1 - 2 of 2

Thanks to JJ Abrams and the creative crew behind Star Wars The Force Awakens there's a whole new villain to loathe and celebrate in the Star Wars universe. And she's shiny!

We're talking of course about Captain Phasma, leader of the First Order's legions of stormtroopers. Fun fact: Did you know her distinctive shiny armor is made of salvaged chromium? That sure makes for an interesting way to stand out! Portrayed by towering actress Gwendoline Christie on-screen, Captain Phasma seemingly survived the destruction of the Starkiller base, and while we're waiting for this villain to come back in the next movie, we're going to sit back and enjoy some awesome Captain Phasma memorabilia!

We have Captain Phasma gifts and memorabilia for any Star Wars fan. Check out our authentic Loungefly dome bag and wallet for a chromium carry-all. We also have Phasma apparel, a t-shirt or baseball cap with her signature style is sure to look sweet on any fan. And if you're a collector, we have Phasma POP! vinyl figures, wacky wobblers, and all of the newest action figures and vehicles straight from Hasbro. Whether you'd like some cool Episode 7 swag for yourself or if you're shopping for a die-hard fan, is your one stop shop for everything Star Wars!