Published on March 18, 2016

Geek Gifts to Satisfy Your Nerdy Side

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Geek Gifts to Satisfy Your Nerdy Side

Throughout history, the t-shirt has been the traditional method of broadcasting one’s status as a geek and/or nerd. The Geek/Nerd Shirt acts as a powerful magnet, attracting others wearing similar shirts, or repelling them in the case of Star Trek and Star Wars shirts. Few people know this, but they also award Credibility Points, which one can spend to gain access to exclusive locations, such as comic and gaming stores. But anyone can earn Credibility Points by giving geek gifts and by loitering around their cool gadgets. Are you interested in upping your nerd game or helping others develop a geekitude of their own? Then read on!

Geeky Clothing Accessories

Nerdy Clothing Accessories

Harry Potter Slytherin Tie

Geeky Clothing Accessories

We’ll start with accessories to round out the geek wardrobe. Even if “wardrobe” is a fancy word for pop culture t-shirts and jeans, everyone can still geek-it-up with a Zelda necklace or Star Wars collector’s watch. For classier events, consider setting off formal attire with a Doctor Who bow tie or Harry Potter house tie, or even jewelry like these Star Wars cufflinks. (The USB flash drive is especially helpful for secret agent geeks.) And don’t forget the appropriate shoes for the occasion, like anything from Irregular Choice Star Wars footwear. Finding appropriate gifts for nerds isn’t rocket surgery, after all!

Nerdy Bags and Backpacks

Geeky Bags and Backpacks

The Walking Dead Daryl Messenger BagStar Wars R2D2 Bowler Purse

Geeky Bags & Backpacks

Geeks often need to carry objects from one place to another. (Laptops, board games, you name it!) Making this easier is literally why bags were invented! Backpacks with geeky characters (like Wonder Woman or Yoda) are perfect for school or even work. Messenger bags are also great for carrying larger items like books or a laptop. Geeks can even show off their love for Marvel or Star Wars with more specialized bags, like gym bags and purses. These pop culture purses are the perfect nerdy gifts for women!

Geeky Kitchen Gifts

Nerdy Kitchen Gifts

Star Wars Darth Vader & Storm Trooper Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchens have long been unfriendly places to geeks, wastelands of marble and stainless steel. But geeks have come to realize that kitchens have a lot of cool toys, and playing with them creates awesome things to eat! Star Wars is the king Jedi Master of kitchen accessories, from the R2-D2 pizza cutter to Darth Vader and Stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers. But nerds can also make cookie batter with Wonder Woman, cut out cookie shapes with The Doctor, and hide their cookies in an Attack on Titan cookie jar. (It’s not the greatest hiding spot, but it’s a spot.) And all this while pretending to be Batman, or at least wearing one of a number of geeky aprons.

Nerd Gifts for Around the House

Geeky Housewares

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber Light

Nerdy Home & Office Essentials

The kitchen isn’t the only place to find geek toys around the house! In fact, nerdy “house accessories” can range from Batman mirrors to classic-cinema-themed key holders and nerdy rugs. Minecraft torches and Star Wars lightsabers add excellent accent lighting. And Wampa rugs really do tie a room together!

Geeky Shirts

Nerdy Shirts

Geeky T-Shirts for Adults & Kids

And then there’s the geeky t-shirt. They’re everywhere, and nerds love them, so of course, they’re also the perfect nerd gift. There are costume shirts to run around as Batman or Wonder Woman or even The Doctor. And shirts to show your interest in geeky movies, like Back to the Future. Then there are, well, shirts for dogs. Now dogs aren’t nerds, at least as far as we know, but they do sometimes enjoy wearing funny clothing and generally being the center of attention. So go ahead, put that Star Trek uniform on your dog. Just stay away from dogs wearing Star Wars shirts because you might just have a fight on your hands.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to gifts for geeks! Did anything in particular catch your eye, something that you just have to give your favorite nerd? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check out our range of fun geeky gadgets!

Wyatt Edwards
Wyatt Edwards

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