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Sometimes, it seems like Christmas shopping is never over. Once you're done buying gifts for everyone on your list, you still have to find stocking stuffers! Lucky for you, we've put together a list of stocking stuffer and cheap gift ideas for all ages. With awesome gifts like these, you'll be able to "wrap up" your holiday shopping really quickly so you'll have more time for eating baking holiday cookies and treats. 



Star Wars Stocking Stuffers


For Men


Boba Fett Flash Drive - Shop      Lightsaber Flashlight - Shop

 Star Wars Vehicles T-Shirt - Shop


When shopping for Star Wars fans, there are plenty of options available, so you won't have to use the Force to find something cool. Get them some apparel featuring their favorite character from the original trilogy or The Force Awakens. A useful gadget like a character flash drive or a lightsaber flashlight would also look great in their stocking. 



For Women


BB-8 Scarf - Shop      Star Wars Lounge Pants - Shop

Star Wars Earrings - Shop      Captain Phasma Pop! Vinyl - Shop


Again, as with any Star Wars fan, you're sure to find something they'll love pretty easily this time of year. With new, strong women characters like Rey and Captain Phasma, Pop! Vinyl figures are always a good choice. Otherwise, fun accessories like scarves featuring the adorable BB-8 or Star Wars earrings are sure to bring smiles. 



For Boys


Finn Action Figure - Shop      Tie-Fighter Replica - Shop

Kylo Ren T-Shirt - Shop      Kylo Ren Lightsaber - Shop


Lightsabers, starships, and action figures are just a few things boys would love to find in their stockings. Awaken the Force by introducing them to the new characters from The Force Awakens with these gift options. 



For Girls


BB-8 Plush - Shop      Stormtrooper Helmet - Shop

Rey T-Shirt - Shop      Star Wars Nesting Dolls - Shop


If you're shopping for a girl who is a Star Wars fan, fill her stocking with some fun and unique gifts like a Stormtrooper helmet craft set or a set of nesting dolls. Star Wars shirts are always a great choice for girls who love style, and they're sure to love new characters like Rey and BB-8, among others. 



Disney Stocking Stuffers


For Men


Baymax T-Shirt - Shop      Anger Plush - Shop

Buzz Lightyear Wallet - Shop      Jack Skellington Can Holder - Shop


Find a Disney gift for his stocking that matches his personality. Maybe he's hot-headed like Anger from Inside Out or clumsy and innocent like Baymax. Either way, he'll surely enjoy getting something he relates to him.



For Women


Mickey Mouse Cup - Shop      Mickey Mouse Pop! Vinyl - Shop

Little Mermaid Wallet - Shop      Snow White T-Shirt - Shop


Of all the characters the studio has produced, not one is more common and universally loved than Mickey Mouse. If you're looking for stocking stuffers for women, you can't go wrong with something featuring a classic like Mickey. If they like Disney princesses, get them some apparel and accessories like a Snow White shirt or Ariel wallet. 



For Boys


Toy Story Rex Pop! Vinyl - Shop      Mickey Mouse Bank - Shop

Monsters, Inc. Sulley Backpack - Shop      Big Hero 6 Bowling Set - Shop


There's a lot of popular Disney characters that boys love, such as Sulley from Monsters, Inc., Baymax from Big Hero 6, Mickey Mouse, and more! Find some cool Disney toys for their stockings featuring their favorite characters like a Big Hero 6 bowling set or a Pop! Vinyl figure of Rex from Toy Story. (What boy doesn't love dinosaurs?)



For Girls


Minnie Mouse Sticker Set - Shop      Baymax Plush - Shop

Frozen Umbrella - Shop      Inside Out Blanket - Shop


Whether you're looking for something something soft, something fun, or something stylish, get some stocking stuffers for girls featuring their favorite Disney characters! Things like an Inside Out blanket or Baymax plush are cute and provide comfort, kind of like the emotions and Baymax do in their respective movies. Although a Frozen umbrella with Anna and Elsa on it won't keep her out of the cold, it will keep her dry. 



Superhero Stocking Stuffers


For Men


Captain America Apron - Shop      Marvel Glass Set - Shop

Daredevil Figure - Shop      Superman Belt - Shop


If you know a guy who likes to show off his fandom with collectables or accessories, look no further. The Marvel Select series of figures features incredible designs of awesome characters from the comics. Accessories like belts, aprons, glasses, and more are great stocking stuffer ideas for men, too. 



For Women


Batman Socks - Shop      Harley Quinn Hat - Shop

Groot Planter - Shop      Wonder Woman Bracelet - Shop


She won't need superpowers to stay warm with stocking stuffers like Batman socks or a Harley Quinn hat. Of all the great superhero gifts for women out there, we'd recommend something stylish like a Wonder Woman bracelet or a super cute Groot planter. 



For Boys


Avengers Bowling Set - Shop      Spiderman Mr. Potato Head - Shop

Joker RC Helicopter - Shop      Ant-Man Ant Farm - Shop


Superheroes are great and toys are awesome. When you combine the two, you get some of the coolest toys that any boy would be happy to find in their stocking. Things like an Avengers bowling set or Joker helicopter will provide lots of fun. 



For Girls


Wonder Woman Ugly Doll - Shop      Honey Lemon Pop! Vinyl - Shop

Spiderman T-Shirt - Shop      Black Widow Plush Doll - Shop


The big screen has seen more female superheros than ever lately. Wonder Woman and Black Widow will be in upcoming movies and last year's Big Hero 6 had characters like Honey Lemon and Go Go. You can find stocking stuffer ideas for girls with their favorite superheros whether it be Wonder Woman, Batman, or Spiderman. 



Cheap Gifts


For Men


King Kong Key Holder - Shop      Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray - Shop

Iron Man Tin Sign - Shop      Super Mario Can Holder - Shop


Cheap gifts for men aren't hard to come by. The important thing with a cheap gift is finding something they'll use. Just because you didn't spend a lot on it, doesn't mean it's not well-thought out. Get him a unique key holder or a sign for his man cave that he'll enjoy. 



For Women


Octopus Tea Infuser - Shop      Retro Camera Mug - Shop

Tinkerbell Canvas Tote - Shop      Olaf Mittens - Shop


Who says you can't find cheap AND stylish gifts for women? Keep them warm with some mittens or get them something cute for tea and coffee drinkers, like a retro camera mug or tea infuser. You can also find a nice canvas tote for under $10. Anyone could always use a bag!



For Boys


Adventure Time Activity Set - Shop      Darth Vader Action Figure - Shop

Nerf Gun - Shop      Tabletop Basketball Set - Shop


Is there really anything that boys don't like? You won't have to break the bank in order find them some cool gifts that will provide hours of entertainment. Nerf guns, activity sets, and tabletop games are just a few options. There's also this movie coming out called Star Wars. We hear those action figures are pretty popular. 



For Girls


Sleeping Beauty Dorbz - Shop      Minions Blocks Set - Shop

Frozen Tin - Shop      My Little Pony Figure - Shop


As if Funko's Pop! Vinyl figures weren't cute enough, they've released a new type of figure called Dorbz! These cute little figures are a great cheap gift idea for girls. You can also find plenty of fun toys under $10 that they'll just love.



We hope we've given you plenty of ideas to make shopping for stocking stuffers and cheap gifts affordable and easy this year. After all, you've done all the work in picking out the gifts and now you have to wrap them, too. Unfortunately, our little elves aren't too talented in the wrapping department; they're just really, really good at picking out cool gifts. If you still need other ideas, be sure to check our our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect gift for anyone! 

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